Film: 2784

Feature Drama | 1910 | Sound | B/W


Early comedy feature with later narration talking about the history of American film making.

Laura's Restaurant. Cowboys sit at the tables and Laura waits on them. A well dressed man comes in and Laura swoons. He sits down and she flirts with him. Narrator says that films from Europe were popular but in 1908 westerns were starting to be made in America. Laura and the well dressed man cuddle. Narrator says that westerns became so popular that they tried to copy them in Europe but without much success. Laura and the man are getting along very well and all the cowboys are jealous. Narrator says that the popularity of American films encouraged immigration to the States. The jealous cowboys decide to kidnap the well dressed man. Narrator says the early films such as this one were made around New York before Hollywood came into being. Laura comes back from the kitchen and finds her restaurant empty and she fears for her man. The cowboys have given him an ultimatum, leave town or hang. They drag the man along by a noose around his neck. He agrees to leave town and the cowboys laugh. He runs away. Back at the restaurant Laura is furious with the cowboys and she tells them off. She will not cook them any food until they bring her man back. The cowboys are terrified at the thought of no food and set out to find the well dressed man. He sees the cowboys comings and fears that they have changed their mind and are going to hang him. He runs for his life followed by all the cowboys. They chase him over fields and finally catch him when they fire their pistols. They put the noose back around his head and drag him back to the restaurant. They dust him down and smarten him up for Laura. The two lovers are reunited. The cowboys sit down and wait for their meal, Laura and her man go into the kitchen. After an hour the cowboys are still waiting for their food. They find the kitchen empty but a note from Laura says she has gone to get married and they can cook their own meals.

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