Film: 2800

Feature Comedy | 1950 | Silent | B/W


Short story film made by Sheepscar C.P. Boys' School (Class Senior 1) near Leeds Yorkshire

An industrial town, camera pans across Hudson's Paints Ltd. Shots of period cars. A small van pulls up on a cobbled street outside a school where waiting children are on the pavement. A man in overalls gets out and a grinning boy stands by a gate. He beckons to the boy who helps him lift large cartons from the back of the van onto a trolley. Close-up of a carton which reads "ice cream". They wheel it into the school. A tubby boy (Fat Fred) skulks into view and walks over to the van. Fred stares at the crate in the back of the van at the ice cream box. He steps towards it but the delivery man comes back and he retreats. The delivery man handles the ice cream box but doesn't take it. Close-up of Fred licking his lips. He has light wispy hair and freckles. When the man leaves, Fred checks to his left and right, the coast is clear and he grabs the box of ice cream and runs away. He drops the box by a bridge and hauls himself up it. He looks over the other side, drops down and ties some string around the box. He begins to lower the ice cream over the bridge. At the school, a tall building with long windows, a small boy runs out of the door. He runs along the pavement past a brick wall and peeks around the corner where he sees Fred lowering the box. The boy runs around the other side of the bridge and sees the box edging its way down. The boy runs back to the school. The box reaches the ground. The delivery man stands at his van scratching his head. Fred runs around the street and climbs over a fence the other side of the bridge. He runs to the ice cream box and hides it in a corner. Outside the school, a teacher with wavy dark hair and glasses blows a whistle. Fred climbs over the fence and runs back to school. He runs across the playground as the last few stragglers are going in. "After school dinner". The boys file out of the school door pushing at each other and laughing. The small boy from earlier leads a group of boys to the bridge. They find the box and tear it open frantically. The boys sit leaning against the bridge scoffing the ice cream and grinning at the camera. Fat Fred leaves the school and runs to his hidden ice cream. The boys clamber over the fence. As Fred runs he meets the boys who laugh as he passes them. He reaches a corner and opposite is Sackville café. In the playground the boys play football. They kick the ball and it lands the other side of the bridge where the ice cream was hidden. A boy approaches the teacher pointing. Intertitle - "Go round by the bridge to get your ball". The teacher looks over the bridge to wait for the boy. He sees Fred finding the box and tearing it open. Finding it empty he slumps against the wall and looks perplexed and disappointed. The teacher points and calls over to him. Close-up of the teacher beckoning Fred. Fred ambles around the corner and follows the teacher into the school. He leads him into an office where a stern man in a robe sits for a caning. Fred leaves the office rubbing his behind and limping. The boys in the playground laugh.


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