Film: 2805

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Silent comedy with Jimmy Aubrey.
Family sitting round dinner table. Husband, wife, mother-in-law, little girl, dog which eats off table. Girl delighted claps hands. Feeds dog off table. Man puts so much sugar in coffee it turns to syrup. He then pours it over his pancakes. Man gets up from table. He is angry and throws down napkin. Wags his finger. Angry, he runs to door and gets hurt. She follows, they hug and about to kiss, mother-in-law prevents them. See sign "God Bless Our Home". He goes to work. Talks to typing pool. Does not notice boss arriving. Boss shouts at Elmer - so surprised hat flies off onto hatstand. Boss's mistress is a vamp, and sister to Elmer's wife Hannah. See her reclining on sofa. On the telephone to boss - he is opening letters looking stern but melts. They talk baby-talk. She hangs up and casts eyes heavenwards. He opens telegram - wife will be home from away earlier than expected. He collapses out of shot, and comes back again. Calls Elmer into office. "Who me?" Elmer expect the sack, but given pay-rise and collapses against door. Boss sits Elmer in his chair, gives him cigar. Orders Elmer to take vamp out. Elmer phones wife and tells her "business" etc. He and boss laugh . Elmer gets out of car, caught in two minds, goes back to it. Vamp's maid tells her Elmer is visiting. Elmer shown in. Elmer's wife consoled by her mother at kitchen table. Elmer sits nervously next to vamp on couch.

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