Film: 2808

Social History | 1960 | Mute | Colour


Liverpool teenagers walk along street. NEMS or N.E.M.S shop front "Decca" label in window. The shop was owned by Brian Epstein. Rotating stand of greeting cards. A beehive-haired woman and man pause outside shop. Girl shop assistant selects single from shelves and shows it to two Beatles-hairstyled teenagers. Two girls look at stacks of LP's / records under the "Merseybeat" section. On the wall is a board headed "NEMPIX 2/6 each" with portraits of individual Beatles and other bands prominent. Girls look at LP cover "at the Cavern" by Decca. Two girls enter music-listening booth. Teenage boy and girl in neighbouring booth sing along. Girls in booth smile and snap their fingers. External shot of "Gentleman's Hairstylist. You need a hairstyle. Why not now? Individual styling. Blow waving by artists."

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