Film: 2809

Feature Drama | 1950 | Silent | B/W


Children make sand-moulds with saucers and play at being nurses and doctors. Domestic scenes with kitten, newspaper tablecloth and mother doing the washing and preparing meal. Father returns home. Stew for supper. Children talking and then playing tag. One makes sand moulds. Boys play doctors. The 'doctor' listens to his 'patient's' chest and back with stick, inspects his mouth and dismisses him. He then goes through same process with next 'patient' - male. Following 'patient' is girl who blows up the 'stethoscope'. 'Doctor' taps the next 'patient's' shoulder in a very professional fashion. In family home - boy repairs soles of boots, mother does washing as girl goes round and round dancing. Girl picks up small kitten and tells it off. Father's home and each person, in turn, is seen to look up. Father removes hat and is welcomed by daughter, mother looks unhappy. Father removes boots. Family sit at table to eat and mother puts broth made from an animal bone into bowls.

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