Film: 2819

Feature Drama | 1910 | Silent | B/W


The femme fatale and the infatuated husband

A drunk business man returns from a nights carousing looking the worse for wear. His secretary hands in his resignation, the business is going to pot because of his wicked ways. The wife turns up they embrace she will forgive him but then the vamp arrives. A gorgeous siren that has lured away a family man to the ways of sin ! The wife pleas but the femme fatale turns on the charm and he smitten again. The vamp kisses him in front of the wife so she leaves, a beaten woman.
Back home the wife with the small daughter who prays for daddy to return(sob, sob!)
A wild drunken party and another man flirts with the vamp, he fights him off. The wife tries taking the child to see the husband who then weakens, but the vamp is listening on the stairs in her nightdress(!) she comes down and even the child is forgotten, the wife drags the child away.

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