Film: 2821

Feature Drama | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Man giving speech to crowd about developers developing a glen in Scotland. Man accidentally incites riot and people tear down fence. Gets knocked out by falling sign. Old school ma'am addresses public meeting. Door to door canvassing. Brass band marching. Bagpipe band marching towards each other. Mayhem as they collide. Man speaks to meeting. Nurse and woman talk. People voting in polling booths, see signs saying "Municipal Elections". Man with bandaged head wakes in hospital bed. Tiptoes to door, goes back, dresses and escapes. Close ups of people putting ballots in box in polling station. Queuing to go and vote. Tipping out ballot box. Tellers counting. Bandaged man runs up steps. Returning officer bangs his gavel and reads result. Clerk reads result of election over balcony to crowd who cheer.

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