Film: 2831

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Harold Lloyd and Snub Pollard.
Snub is assistant chef. He sits on draining-board next to full sink of plates. He is cleaning a plate. Large spider drops from ceiling and lands on plate. He hits at spider and breaks plate. Spider hovers in the air. He throws plate at spider, misses and plate smashes against wall. Waiter sticks head round door and gesticulates "Two" with two-fingered 'V'-sign. Harold Lloyd sits on rocking chair; he puts his cigarette butt on table and picks up fishing-rod. He reaches inside his chef's hat and pulls out a radish. He fits it to the fish-hook. He enters the restaurant and fishes in a pool. He slips into the pool. He struggles with fish. Waiter is annoyed with Harold. Harold takes his jacket off and wades into pool looking for fish. He catches fish but loses it. Water jet leaks onto Harold's back. Very old bearded man stops by Harold. Harold takes his umbrella and puts it up to keep dry. Man snatches umbrella back. Harold catches large fish. It escapes and flops onto man's plate and then onto floor. Man and woman stand up quickly. Harold jumps onto table and slides over top with table cloth in search of fish. Fish lands on another table. Harold takes gun and prepares to shoot fish. He cannot look. Snub comes out of the kitchen with a large mallet ready to club the fish. Harold shoots Snub in the backside. Snub runs into the kitchen. Harold looks up and smiles. The fish jumps around on the table-top. Harold looks annoyed with the gun. He stalks fish and puts salt on its tail. It is still alive. Harold picks fish up by tail and walks through door. Restaurateur pleads with Harold and Snub. Harold hands him cleaning cloth. Man mops his crying eyes and makes them black. Man wipes face and wipes black all over his face. Snub and Harold laugh and whisper to each other. They shake hands. They agree to be stand-in waiters for the waiters who have stormed off in a huff / temper. They don waiters' clothes, with towels over their arms. Harold dusts man's table and cleans dust into his hat. Man has poor eyesight and cannot focus on 'Bill of Fare' menu. We see menu in and out of focus. He cannot find his glasses. Harold searches in his beard for glasses and puts them on his nose. He takes menu off man and gives it to lady at same table. Harold gets excited talking to her and climbs onto the table. He kicks old bearded man's hat. When man complains, Harold knocks his hat off. Man beckons Harold to his table. Pretty girl in close-up looks at Harold. Harold sits on table and pays close attention to girl. Jealous man blows smoke in Harold's face. Harold runs away and slams door in man's face. Man falls over. In kitchen, Harold pulls lever. Peculiar mask with eyes and trunk is lowered onto his head. It is a gas mask. Harold takes lump of cheese to table. Girl is alarmed at his gas mask. He reveals himself to her. The cheese smells terrible. People hold their nose. Woman pulls awful face because of the smell. Harold puts gas mask on man's head and leads girl away whilst man struggles. Harold and girl enter kitchen. Harold helps girl to chair. Man takes off gas mask and is angry. He picks up knife and leaves table. Entering kitchen he falls over stool. Harold pulls a lever and weight falls on man's head. Man is dazed. Harold takes flambé dish to table and puts flame under man's chair. His coat catches fire. Lots of smoke. People call for help. Harold brings hosepipe in and soaks old bearded man who is alight. Man puts up umbrella. Woman protects herself with chair. Harold accidentally turns hose on other diners. Man falls in pool (fishpond). Snub drops diner in pool. Man complains, Harold turns hose on him. Harold walks off.

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