Film: 2834

Art + Architecture | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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A film from the paintings of Piero della Francesco 1416-1492.
The Legend of the True Cross - from popular medieval religious work "The Golden Legends". Narrative of story using paintings of Piero della Francesco.

View of frescos from St Francis' Church, Areto. Close up of a male figure in fresco. Shot moves up body to head. Close up old Adam in fresco. Shot moves out to other figures around Adam. Close up face of Adam. Close up faces of two figures. Close up face of Archangel Michael. Close up olive tree in fresco with damage. Close up Christ's passion and another figure. Moves in closer to Christ's face. Group of female figures. Close up faces of two female figures. Close up face of Seth and another male face. Close up olive tree branch. Close up two large trees. Group of male and female figures and a horse. Shot moves across to women figures. One woman kneeling. Close up faces of a male and females. Close up woman kneeling - Queen of Sheba. Roof of Solomon's Temple close up. Shot moves down to Queen of Sheba and King Solomon and other figures. Feet and legs of figures. Close up heads of figures in group males and females. Contemporary clothing. . Christ carrying the cross and two figures. Shot moves up to sky. Close up shots of sky. Close up shots of single male and female heads. Virgin Mary with angels at both sides. Shot moves in close to Mary's stomach and moves up to her face. Close up of domed ceiling and egg hanging from string. Shot moves down to Mary and Christ Child and other figures. Close ups of faces separately. Close up group of boys with stringed instruments. Shot moves down to Christ Child lying on floor at feet. Top half of Mary, hands clasped. A magpie on the roof, close up. A tree and sky shot moves down to adult Christ under tree, standing hands clasped, another male figure holds something over his head. Close up faces of other figures. Mary and male figure at bottom of cross. Shot moves up to close to face of Jesus. Top half of female figure, cloak open. Shot moves down. Male figures kneeling in her cloak. Close up of feet. Shot moves up figure of a man reading book. Pointed medieval-style tent roof. Shot moves down. Roman Emperor Constantine asleep in bed in tent. Guards at side. Close up of male guards. Close up face of Constantine. Close up hand holding a cross. Close up horses legs and feet. Close up shots of faces. Men in battle with weapons. Flags close up. Close up face of Helena, Constantine's mother. Close up face of Judas, son of a prophet. Close ups figures pulling a rope. Close up town in background of painting. Male figures holding large wooden crosses. Close up of a classical temple-style building. Close ups of figures of women in a group. Close ups of male heads. Figures under trees and a large wooden cross. Close up to top of cross.

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