Film: 2840

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Sound | B/W


Sennett film lots of slapstick comedy and visual gags 1910's

Child walks plank over cliff and sits down. Mother tries to rescue child, but plank tips up. Keystone cop telephones from telephone box. Police chief listens to gavel before picking up phone. Comic cars shots. Cops slide down chute into wagons. Several cars with cops in chase down road. Little wagon says 'Police Patrol'. Various accidents. Skid at corner and wagon loses one cop. Cars weave in and out of lampposts. Steering wheel comes off. One cop fails to get into wagon and holds braces of preceding cop and drags all the cops out onto road. They are pulled along a long way. Cops wrapped around telegraph pole. Cars crash. Car goes through ford and cops fall into water. Man tries to save child with woman. Woman hangs washing on line in back garden - police cars crash through wall and knock her round and round washing line. Police car held back by jet of water. Car narrowly avoids being hit by steaming railway train. Car chases man down street. Bearded man jumps over three cars. Aircraft and car chase. Man and woman climb from car to plane via ladder. People in plane fight. Water and car gags, car and trains. Sidecars. Men carry log - car crashes into them and after dust has settled men are carrying piles of sticks. Man digging holes in road with pickaxe is pulled out of hole as he catches axe in car. Good shots of men being run over. Dog tied to barber's chair drags it and man off. Man opens umbrella in open topped car, bits start to fall off car. Barber's chair stops at pond and man falls in pond. Car backs into wall and gets wobbly wheel. Bits fall off it. More cars slide on water and people fall off. Police car on railway line is removed in time. Train knocks car chassis along street - close encounter with tram, lands on back of horse and cart - falls off on rail track - run over. Train misses people. More car antics. Trick car disappearance. Man in boxing gloves run over. Three cars in small valley drive around in funny fashion. Car turns corner on two wheels. Car loses steering wheel. Car crashes and turns over twice. Two trams make squeeze car and it becomes taller and thinner. Cars on switchback road. Trick animation crash. Cars end in water. Larry Semon smoking cigar accidentally lights dynamite which blows-up car. Joke blackened man holding steering wheel walks off with torn clothes. Child on plank rescued, and mother and father kiss.

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