Film: 2841

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Sound | B/W


Mack Sennett comedy compilation with bits from "Train and Car Chase Melodrama", and other films 1920's

Woman chained to rail track. Cut: cyclist cycling hectically. He gets clothing thrown over his head and he cannot see. He wobbles, hits kerb and falls off. Cut: policeman standing with back to wooden fence. He is grabbed and dragged through it. Prisoner swaps clothes and leaves cop in stripy uniform. Three cops chase him. He chases them and hides flat against brick wall, so that they cannot see him. All stop whilst street photographer takes their picture. Cop crushed under falling safe. Cut: lions in building attack men. Man jumps through fanlight over door, followed by lion. Good camera shot as lions jump straight at camera. Lions pull down door. Cut: "T&CCM". Cut: cyclist with broken wheel. Man goes into shoe shop. He ties several shoes into wheel shape and uses this as wheel. Swerves off road, down wooded hill and falls off. Cut: man pulls fence plank down on himself and lot of cops run over him. Man hides in doorway, and two cops run into each other. Cut: chef running around quickly in and out of camera. Man chasing him does the same and falls through window into water. Cut "T&CCM". Cut: man runs throgh door frame which stands on its own in city street. He shuts door. Man chasing him pushes door over. First man wears a top hat, and runs up plank into room, opens and closes door. Close up of fan belt starting. Room starts to spin and man crawls over ceiling, and walls. He jumps out of room onto other man. Cut: "Cast Adrift and How" - the speedboat scenes, and dog and cycling. Cut: man fishes from boat at sea. He catches a swimming woman. He runs along the surface of the water pursued by a swordfish / marlin which catches him. Cut: "T&CCM". Cut: bar room fight with frantic running around in circles. Waiter hit over head with chair twice. Billy Bevan runs up back of bar and jumps onto chandelier. Lights explode. Good chair fight. Cut: "T&CCM". Cut: "Maid in Morocco" starring Lupino Lane - the running away from the swordsman bit. Cut: cyclist changes bicycle to two beer barrels which soon collapse. Cut; Billy Bevan running away overtakes motorcycle cop and dog chasing rabbit. Cut: man holds table and kicks back at man through curtain who headbutts man onto another and group into pond. Larry Semon climbs ladder. It is removed. Packing boxes stacked high. Larry takes five or six boxes and falls down where ladder was, thrown onto grand piano which collapses and knocks man onto giant plant pot which breaks on four people. Man kicked off ladder onto stack which collapses onto people. Lorry backs its load through window and knocks man into water who soaks everyone. Cut: man in nightshirt dives at chair which moves - he falls through hole into barrel of whitewash - mayhem. All the films are tied up - T&CCM - woman is rescued. Cyclist gets large lorry-type rubber tyres. He rides around in circle. Car catches him up, he climbs on bonnet. He gets in car and fights man whom he throws out. He rolls down hillside.

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