Film: 2842

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Feature Paul Parrott, Ethel Broadhurst and Sunshine Sammy 1920's

Girl steps out of foreman's office and stands on boardwalk. Roustabouts - men move boxes with trolleys. Two men walk to large box. Both look as if they are lifting it, but one fools other so he lifts heavy box on his own. He is spotted not carrying the box by mate who is angry. They try to lift a second box, but lazy man again pretends to lift box, other man spots this straight away and pulls large knife. He sticks this in lid of box, they both lift box and carry it. The nine men see the girl and walk over to her. They politely lift their hats. One goes down on one knee and professes his love. He blows kisses. Girl's father, the foreman, sees men not working and talking to his daughter, he leans out of window and shouts. Eight men run off. Lazy man walks in other direction. Lazy man talks to big man who is manhandling large crate in trolley. He quickly loads two more boxes on trolley. Lazy man pulls trolley from front. Large man stands behind. They stop, both take off their hats and mop their brows. We see trolley from behind as it passes. Large man is sitting on box at back, lazy man is pulling whole weight. They stop. Man at front starts unloading and stacking boxes / crates. He sees large man asleep on back of trolley and kicks him up backside. Big man is angry. Lazy man flicks speck of dust off large man's overalls, he is worried and walks off. Big man follows him. They walk round trolley. Lazy man ducks down. Big man calls another man in to tow trolley away and walks towards lazy man who is hiding on all fours on the ground. He looks for the trolley and does not see big man behind him. He stands up, realises big man is behind him, feels him, looks around and runs. He hides behind boxes, thinks he is being chashed by big man and hits innocent man with plank of wood in the face. The two men chase lazy man. He runs through an open doorway and locks the door behind him. The whole partition containing the door is lifted out of the way. The two chasers are standing there. Lazy man meets them face to face and runs. He jumps onto a stationary conveyor belt / escalator. It starts. The big man lassos lazy man with rope. Rope goes round his arms as he runs. Lazy man is caught in the arms of the plank-hit man. Big man punches lazy man who stumbles back. Other man pulls him back and big man punches his again. He stumbles back. Girl appears and tells big man to stop. Men walk away angry, but big man still holds rope. He pulls it and lazy man to him who he threatens to 'stay away from my girl'. Lazy man shows girl where he hurts, here and here and here, she kisses her fingers and pats his wounds better. Two men walk off. Large man and lazy man sit side by side sewing socks. Seven year old black boy emerges yawning from box. He stretches. He spies the two men and reaches for his catapult. He hits big man. Boy fires catapult three times. After a threat, big man hits lazy man off his seat who he thinks has been hitting him. Big man rubs his back side. Boy laughs. Man realises what has been hitting him and pulls dart out of his backside. He grabs boy and lifts him out of the box. He violently shakes boy. Lazy man raises his hat to girl who is passing. Big man is jealous. He kicks lazy man up backside three times, and each time his hat flies in the air, he catches it and puts it back on his head. Big man takes lazy man aside, he punches him. Lazy man falls onto passing trolley with sacks on. The group of men are talking. One makes speech, others cheer. Lazy man stacks six large egg boxes on top of each other. The top one is balanced precariously. In close up we see his face as eggs fall onto his head one by one. He can smell something. He looks up and gets egg in the eye. Men call him over, he leaves, all the boxes fall over. Men tell lazy man he is their spokesman as they ask for more wages. They push him up the steps of the foreman's office. He is reluctant, but persuaded. He tips his hat confidently and walks up steps into office. His hat comes flying of again, as does he. The men pick him up. They all enter office. One by one they are all thrown out. As the last one emerges, the foreman, a very small and short man, comes to the door and gesticulates and points them on their way. Men get back to work quickly and move sacks. Little man smiles and returns to his office. Another man (the one with the knife) appears and grabs foreman as he walks by. Knifeman is obviously a psychopath. Holds knife above foreman on floor ready to stab him. Lazy man sees this and scratches his head. Lazy man kicks knifeman and beckons for him to follow. He walks off, followed by knifeman holding knife in air, ready to strike. They run. Lazy man runs and grabs a door which swings open, knifeman follows and falls into the dock because there was no room behind the door. Foreman and lazy man shake hands. Fat man overhears foreman telling lazy man to marry his daughter, Ethel. Big man is angry, and takes his cigarette out of his mouth and throws it down. Ethel is going for a drive with another man. Big man takes man out and throws him away. He climbs in car. Lazy man and foreman stand on quayside and watch this. Car chase. Car slides on wet road. Traffic cop stands on island in middle of road. As cars go by they tear his clothes off, half his jacket, the other half, one trouser leg, the other leg. He runs off in his underclothes and hat and dives down an open manhole. The two cars drive head to head into each other, the girl is catapulted out of fat man's car and into lazy man's car. Smoke comes from engines. Girl and lazy man embrace.

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