Film: 2844

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


In car lot, two men buying a car 1920's

Changes prices from 99.99 to 66.66. Start car. Given a test drive. Starting car with crank. Swap seats whilst driving. Treads on accelerator and speeds off. Instructor gets back in and helps. Drivers hat blows off. Cut to: woman sweeping floor with baby in basket on chair. Man gets home to wife and children. Envious neighbours look over fence. Son gets in driving seat, father removes him. Man shows neighbour it cost 99.99. Reverses into garage. Hot and fans self with hat. Garage too small and cannot close door. Next day: comes home with parcels to family sitting on verandah, driving clothes. Close up of man's finger pointing at map. Son wears father's driving coat and goggles. That night it rained, he protects car with an umbrella. Next day: family prepare for long drive, all wear driving clothes. Man in goggles etc., runs to garage, takes down umbrella and throws it through window. Car is wedged in garage and both move off pushes garage off. Drive off, boy on back of car, baby on wing. Goes back for baby's milk. Baby also wears goggles. Horn is broken, so goes to get pet parrot (bites him). Jealous neighbours watching out of window laughing at all of this scene. boy has toy rifle (looks like riding shotgun). Man's hat blows off. Goes to get it. Son fires gun with nail at father's backside. Man limps. Little boy (in goggles) goes back for his pet rabbit in cage. Cannot start engine. Man tries to repair car, lies underneath. Gets something in eye. Does not notice car has moved on and that rag and bone man's trolley is in its place, he tries to repair it. Tightens mans nose with spanner. Man shakes fist in anger. Man catches up runaway car. Horse and cart. Car does three point turn. Lots of smoke. Neighbours go by in horse and cart looking smug, 'get a horse' they say. Family push car home

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