Film: 2845

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Train station, people get on and it tips over. They push it back 1920's

Cow, pigs, chickens, ducks and goats shooed out of tunnel by man with flag. Train follows him out. Goat on line pursued by train ringing bell ( four seconds long). Donkey on tracks stops train. Man climbs out of train cab window and falls to ground. Train carriages all higgledy-piggledy. Donkey shooed off. Train lets horse and buggy go through level crossing first then train will not move. Everyone leans forwards (passengers sitting on roof of carriage). Boiler expands and contracts. Animated device whereby funnel spits out coal and hits passengers. Rocket lands nearby. Strap to roof of train and they bomb along. London bus stops on line, and the train jumps over it.

Cut to: longer version of Larry Semon's comedy with later sound. He talks to female lead and holds up her make-up basket. Her maid smiles. He puts on her lipstick, then eats it, powders face and eats powder puff. Starts sneezing. Sneezes powder into maids face which sticks. Star on stage with chorus girls. Audience applaud. Backstage Larry gives her flowers, bur cat has knocked ink into them. She takes a sniff! And retires to her room. (Rest is duplicate).

Cut to Tillie's Punctured Romance and Marie Dressler. Cut from her on stage, to her as a man, and as a farm labourer.

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