Film: 2846

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Sound | B/W


Keystone Cops 1920's

Chief Keystone Cop asleep at desk with feet on desk. Maid in park with baby in pram and dog at feet. Maid reads paper. Baddie behind tree steals her bag. She chases man. Pram runs down hill - dog runs after it and prevents it going into lake. Maid phones cops. Chief of police cleans his ear then puts wrong bit to mouth. He laughs. Cops run to behind vertical stack of barrels and drive out in truck. Chief cop does trick mount onto his horse and rides down street. Horse skids on wet road. He falls off. Joke running, man gets into car. Chassis falls off back of car. Police chief gets horse, puts hand on saddle, he does not notice horse runs off without saddle, which he still holds. Cop tries to mount horse and fails. Cops crash through several buildings, bed falls to floor. Cops crash into bakery shop - custard pie thrown at police chief. Everyone covered in flour. Used Car Lot - lots of cars drive across field. Cop shoots after them, they turn around and come back and chase cops who are on foot.

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