Film: 2847

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Indoor scene, bathing beauties, man on diving board jumps in pool and soaks film director. Film camera in back.

Cut to: Chaplin knocks over movie camera. Then knocks it over with trolley.

Cut: travelling director and cameraman see boys playing baseball. Film round corner with long lense which wilts. Children cheer. Dog carries boy in mouth. Kids use giant catapult and hit man on lead. Man lines children up and spanks them one by one. Lets last little girl go, she has no knickers.

Cut: theatre, curtains open. Late arriving woman carrying lots of bags stands on peoples' feet. Very tall man carrying boxes and wearing long overcoat shown to box. He reveals he is sitting on his wife's shoulders and has brought his whole family in boxes. Backstage Larry Semon swithches on giant fan, curtain raised to reveal men posed as statues 'Victory'. Audience applaud. Men knock over lamp black in barrel. Statues and audience are covered and angry. Theatre manager (Oliver Hardy?) calms audience and calls his singers on, four men in dinner suits. Audience mollified. Larry drops plank on manager's head and is thrown against fan. Singers clothes are blown off, leaving underclothes, audience laugh. Singers irate and jump in air. Leading lady distracted from jewels. Manager gets gun and takes jewels. He holds her up. Larrry sees but is knocked down. Big fight. Manager escapes everyone's clutches. Manager and mates get on train (Rest is same as "Larry Semon Train Comedy"). Larry recovers jewels.

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