Film: 2848

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Sound | B/W


Three cops chase escaped prisoner (stripy uniform) along pavement 1910's

He stops and merges with the wall. Stop for photographer, one cop crushed under falling safe. B. Bevan enters office of ACME wrecking company, but it is a billboard and is removed, he is revealed. Hides behind stripy car. Jumps onto tailboard of tram, but it leaves without him. Mad chase. Cut to: Train and car chase melodrama. Woman chained to track. Baddy pushes engine out of sidings. Cut to: funny cyclist. Cut to lions, trying to push door open. Jump straight at camera. Man attacked and loses clothes, tries to telephone. Cut to (T and CCM) and cyclist. Big man with knife tries to stab another but stabs wall, small man bounces off wall and back through another wall and is kicked in stomach. Chase overtakes motocycle cop and dog.

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