Film: 2849

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Sound | B/W


An interesting film with funny chase surrounding a train. Camera tricks 1920's

Four men (baddies?) standing by train. It whistles and they jump. Jump on moving train. Run along roof of train. Larry Semon on street calls cops. They chase on foot and in car. Train drivers held at gun point by chief (Oliver Hardy). Police in car shoot at men on train roof and vice versa. Larry gets into motorbike and sidecar and knocks cop into sidecar who falls out as go over tracks, covered in dust. Train nearly runs him over, but Larry saves cop again. Men still shooting from roof of train. Bike and sidecar nip in front of train. Larry towing house with man on roof gets stuck on railway line. Train crashes into house and demolishes it. Cops chase train in buggy. They lassoo a ride and are pulled along running and then seated on rails. Rope untied by baddy on aquaduct. Buggy cuts ropes and cops fall in water. Porter carrying trolley and cases leads it across line and train crashes into it. Bike and sidecar stop on bridge, Larry jumps onto train. Fight with baddies chase along train as enters tunnel. He runs off end. Runs to cop car and drives it into tunnel. Train emerges with him and cops on engine. Cut to: Larry leaps on motorbike, gets on train and holds up baddies. Tells everyone to jump. Wagon marded "Dynamite" shown. Train crashes, big explosion. Larry waves helplessly. Train with Larry and cops on travels through countryside. He jumps off and runs away. Car runs him over, knocked onto rail tracks, train misses him by going over points. Gets in car from back. Stops on track and jumps up and down, leaps off as train hits car. Leaps onto motorbike. Train disconnected from carriages. Larry realises he is okay after explosion, and has the loot and waves to camera.

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