Film: 2850

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Sound | B/W


Racing car comedy with real life drivers Tetzlaff and Cooper 1910's

Officious father talks to daughter. She pulls face. Racing driver gets out of car, girl hugs him. Father prefers other racer. Couple sit on bench. Father sabotages car. We see famous racer Barney Oldfield. Big crowd sit on benches. Starter is Fatty Arbuckle. Girl runs away from father. Crowd cheer as race starts. Father looks very grumpy. Flag waving. Real car race. Very dusty. Child in audience hits father on hat. Car changes tyre. Father cheers. Father grumpy. Lots of good close ups of cars. Mabel runs onto track, Fatty Arbuckle removes her. Father and Fatty fight. Father bites Fatty's ear and knocks him down. Father tries to lead daughter. She runs away. They go and sit down again. Car breaks down smoking. Girl slaps father. Race won by Earl Cooper (not her favourite). She congratulates him. Father and Arbuckle fight.

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