Film: 2853

Feature Drama | 1900 | Sound | B/W


Includes "Henry III (A drama of intrigue and chivalry)". Pathe, 1907 royalty, aristocracy, swordfights, ballroom scenes.

A story about King Henry III of France and the Duke of Marmalade, sworn enemies. Comic sword fight, the Duke kills all the Kings men. But one was not really dead, he jumps up and tells the King what happened. The King needs to find out who attacked his men, to do this he throws the Duchess's fan to the floor in a darstardly act. The Duke of Marmarlade can not stand by and see such a lady treated so badly, so he picks the fan up and gives it back to her, but in so doing reveals that he was the attacker on the Kings men. Sword fight.

Notice "No Loud Talking! You'll disturb the Piano Player".
Notice "Has your horse got colic? Let OLD DOC SMITH fix him up. Stable next to theatre".

"The Confederation Ironclad" (1910). Yankee man tells woman where the Ironclad is, woman is a spy and tells her uncle in the army. North army attacks Yankee army. U.S.A. Civil War battle scenes. Train carrying Yankee ammunition. Woman spy, Scarlet, tries to set fire to the railway bridge. Railway, ammunition gets through. Battle on the water with steamboats. Conspirator, Scarlet arrested. "Good Night" sign.

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