Film: 2856

Feature Comedy | 1900 | Sound | B/W


"Hounds of Justice" (1902). Burglars break into an expensive house. Bar brawl. Team of police (and dogs) running down the street to investigate. Burglar gang make a run for it, leaping over fences followed by dogs. One dog repeatedly fails to get over the fence. Round-up of criminals by policemen and dogs.

Notice: "Joe The Blacksmith will shoe your horse while you enjoy the movie. No Waiting"

Notice: "The Ladies Wednesday Sewing Club will meet on Friday instead of Tuesday".

"The Awful Violinist" (1908). The romance of a violinist and debutant. Drawing room and street scenes. Window serenade. Weeping scene. The couple in a rowboat. Woman dies consumptively in bed. The violinist's attempts to revive her in vain.

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