Film: 2860

Feature Drama | 1900 | Silent | B/W


A magician performs tricks with a trunk, making himself, his assistants and several women disappear and reappear - Melies 1900's

Title. A medieval hall- a man or magician in medieval costume rolls a sheet of paper into a cone, shows us it is empty, then turns to an ornate trunk behind him and demonstrates that's empty too- he then picks up the cone again and pulls out a rabbit which he places in the trunk, and repeats this with another five rabbits- the cone is then unrolled and thrown away, and the trunk is closed and opened for a woman to climb out- the man gallantly helps her out, then with a flourish helps another out- he closes the trunk and two assistants in eighteenth century court costume lift the trunk high on two trestles- they leave and the two women pose at either end of the trunk. The man flourishes his arms and the trunk transforms into a sumptuous woman who fans herself, man waves his arms some more and she falls asleep before changing back into the trunk - the man rolls head over heels and dives to the floor before reappearing in the trunk. He waves before closing the trunk, then reappearing from the side - the assistants put the trunk back down on the ground and the man assists the two women back into the trunk. They disappear and the man puts a stool next to the trunk in an upright position - when he opens it out come the two assistants who turn the trunk once more on its side.

All three stand on the trunk and draw a blanket round themselves. When they unfurl, they have been transformed into two women. The assistants then the man next clamber out of the trunk. The man helps the ladies down while the assistants move the trunk - placing it right next to the floor. One assistant then a woman then the second assistant and the other woman disappear into the trunk. The man carries it on his back but collapses. The assistants, reappearing from either side, rush to help him up but he pops out of the trunk. Both assistants, both women and the man then line up and make a bo

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