Film: 2886

Feature Drama | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Narration in German. 'Ein Brudermord'. Dark empty streets. Black cat. Street lamps. Night. Austrian/German streets all totally empty. Single man with a knife and a black cloak. He kisses the knife and practices stabbing the air. Old man in a night cap and gown and an old woman in a night cap and gown in a house. Woman (middle aged and rather large) sits at a dressing table and begins to braid her hair. A man wearing a bowler hat and carrying a cane leaves a house. The woman in her bedroom puts a dead fox fur around her shoulders then leans out of an upstairs window and looks down into the street. She goes to bed. Man in the bowler hat walks along a deserted street. Man in the night cap and gown prepares to go to bed, but he too looks out of the window before going to bed. The street is still empty. The man in the bowler hat walks along toward the man hiding with the knife. Man with the knife stabs a man in a bowler hat. Shots interspersed with the images of the man and women in their night dress looking horrified. Man in the night cap goes out into the street to confront the murderer. The woman in the night gown and the dead fox fur wakes up all the neighbours. People come out onto the street in their nightgowns. They go up to where the murderer is standing over the body. A policeman wearing a spiked helmet arrives on the scene and takes the murderer away. VERY arty and noir.

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