Film: 2926

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Stars Stan laurel and James Finlayson.
Fade in: Stan outdoors at booth marked, 'Check Room'. Wears top hat. Compares two picks and walks off with one. Lift comes up, miners get out, and lots of miners, including Stan, get on lift. It goes down without Stan. Foreman, James Finlayson, calls Stan who falls down shaft onto miners. They all pick themselves up and push Stan around. Lift takes Stan up again. Stan leaves smart coat and hat on outstretched man's arm. He throws clothes on ground after Stan descends in lift again. Stan ascends again in miners' hat and leaves jacket on man's arm, who again throws it down. Lift ascends and Stan and foreman swap places. Stan tries to push full truck of coal; other man tries to push truck from other side - they don't see each other and both struggle. They circle wagon, looking underneath for obstructions and then each tries to pull wagon; it doesn't move. Stan pushes truck and foreman falls down shaft. Coal follows man who is covered. Stan pulls truck away and descends in small lift. Foreman waits for Stan, kicks him on backside. Coal-mining: Stan and miner stand back-to-back, each with pick. Stan hits man on back accidentally; he is warned not to. Then he hits other man on backside with pick. He hits man on backside with hat and light. Man takes his hat off and throws it away. Angry gesticulation. Stan is nonplused but still hits man on backside with pick. Man falls over. Stan provokes a fight between two other men by hitting one with pick. They argue. Girl walks through mine. Stan follows her over to a donkey. He is chased off by foreman. Goes back to coal seam and uses pick. Hits man, who swings punch and knocks foreman down. Stan sent away. Girl hugs donkey's head. Stan tickles his neck with donkey's ear. He tickles girl's chin; she is coy. They play a game - he talks into donkey's ear, she listens at other ear; they laugh. Stan pretends to bite and eat donkey's ear. Foreman appears, Stan's smile disappears. Foreman takes girl by hand and leads her away. Miner hits foreman on head with pick. Foreman kicks other miner on backside. Stan leads donkey into coal seam and knocks miners over. Two miners fight - the one repeatedly punched in the face lifts his leg. Lift appears at top of shaft with foreman and girl. They get off. Foreman calls down shaft. Stan gets on donkey and is lifted up. Donkey bites foreman's back. Foreman tells Stan to go to a wagon. Girl overhears this and climbs into wagon. Men point fingers. Stan drops rock on foreman's foot. Stan pushes truck. Foreman kicks him on backside. Stan kicks foreman on backside. Foreman kicks Stan's backside again. Stan is about to repeat this when foreman turns around. Coal wagon descends in lift. Donkey pulls wagon loaded with boxes into mine. Man signals Stan to stop driving donkey. Stan gets off wagon, sits and lights pipe in front of boxes marked 'Dynamite'. Stan has problems with his pipe (it gives off small explosions) and puts it down on top of box. Lights a cigarette instead. Close-up of Stan's hat lamp - it drips gasoline onto cigarette which explodes. Stan throws cigarette down in disgust. Lights another cigarette. Small explosion. Stan gets food out of pocket. Gasoline drips onto food. Stan takes a bite; it tastes bad. He spits it out and it explodes on the ground. Stan slips off seat on side of coal wagon. Man rushes by Stan and tells him to go in other direction. Water is pouring through wall. Lift descends with foreman and smarter man on it. Their feet get wet. Foreman pulls rope to go up, but lift doesn't move. Stan tries to keep out water. Girl in truck starts to get out, but pulls Stan's pipe into truck with her. Stan calls for help. Girl calls for help from wagon. Lots of smoke. Donkey takes wagon past miners. Wagon gives off smoke. Miners run. On surface, people rush to pit-head with smoke everywhere. Man throws bucket of water down shaft which soaks men on lift. More water pours in where Stan is trying to keep it back. Becomes a flood. Stan falls over, picks himself up and runs. Stan and girl on wagon in deep water happily hold reins as submerged donkey pulls them along, the smoke having been extinguished. They laugh, she points at submerged donkey, they laugh. [Presume conclusion edited].

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