Film: 2928

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Slapstick style silent comedy. An amusing story of the complications arising from the substitution of a bottle of hair restorer for a similar shaped bottle containing wine.
'Van Dyke College'. Two teachers on a stage, some seated the other standing in gowns and mortar boards. Close up of professor. Students in gowns and mortar boards, sit on chairs listening. One kicks the next and they pass on down the line, stamping on each others feet. Jack takes off his shoe and holds his foot in pain. He loses his shoe. He goes up for his diploma with his shoe on his head and his mortar on his foot. He grins at the audience. The ladies laugh in the front row. He is presented with the colours of the college. The 'Van Dyke' is a college of Barbers. Still in his gown, he picks up shopping a girl drops from her basket. He carries her shopping. He drops a watermelon and runs off to get another. A black boy on a porch sees it and calls all his friends. A black boy in a pram drinks milk from a baby's bottle. He throws it away in disgust and gets out of the pram. He eats watermelon. Jack buys a watermelon. He brings the watermelon to Minnie, slips off the remains of the first one, head first into to new melon. Black boy sits and eats second melon. He finishes it and is very fat. Jack now has new melon in a bird cage. He goes to Minnie's house but the melon rolls away. He chases it. It misses the baker who has a large tray of pies. He is trying to light a match on his backside. Jack crashes into him and the baker ends up sitting on the pies, having initially caught the tray when it first flew in the air. The watermelon bounces and hits the fruit seller on the head. He chases Jack into college. Jack and Minnie sit next to each other and look at wedding photographs in an album. Jack and Minnie are going to be married. He is in a suit now. The fruit seller arrives, he says he is not going to give her up and tries to kiss her in a struggle. Jack fails to fight him but gets kicked up the backside in the fire place. The fruit seller kicks a pile of raked leaves and the gardener hits him with the rake, missing and getting Jack instead. jack throws a brick at the fruit seller's car. It explodes. An aeroplane, coat airline, inside Jack and Minnie unwrap a present from her father. A bottle of 'Root Beer'.

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