Film: 2929

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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An amusing story of the complications arising from the substitution of a bottle of hair restorer for a similar shaped bottle containing wine.
People board the plane and take their seats. FS starts to bother Minnie again. Jack tries to interfere but gets kicked out of the plane. The aircraft takes off. Jack's foot is caught in a rope. he is pulled along. The plane flies over the city with Jack hanging. He climbs up onto the wing. Aerial view of houses. FS is sitting in a barber's chair. He wants a haircut and a shave. He shows Jack a gun if he cuts him. The plane lurches and Jack cuts strips off his hair. Comic hair dressing. FS feels Jack's head to check it is alright. he lathers him for a shave and shaves all
his hair off. He glue FS's hair back on. Black man on roof of plane drips red paint on FS. he thinks it is blood. Man on roof chases FS. Pilot in cockpit. Engines blacken Jack's face. Butch looking woman wants lotion on her face. FS does not recognize Jack because he is black. FS drinks the root beer and spits it out the window on to the head of a bald, bearded man, he grows hair on his head. He puts hot towel and the root beer on the woman in the barber's chair. She has a beard. FS's hair comes off. Woman faints at the sight of her beard. FS and Jack fight and hang off the plane. Jack parachutes off the wing of the plane. FS shoots the parachute and Jack falls on a truck full of hay. FS falls on the same hay. They are disorientated and as they stare at each other they actually see the other person as an attractive woman. In their delirium they embrace and kiss.

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