Film: 2930

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Keystone film.
Close up of sign which reads 'Free for all: 250 Mile Road Race, Sat. June 24, $25,000 Purse'. Quite close shot of Billy Bevan wearing sleeping cap and nightclothes and holding steering wheel. He looks over his shoulder. Gives hand signal. Pulls back to reveal Billy is driving a bed down the road and through the countryside. He stops in a field under a tree and hand cranks the bed. Big puff of smoke from the back end of bed. He gets back into bed and drives off. Bed comes to rest on edge of cliff and teeters. Cut to Billy in bed which also teeters as he is asleep dreaming. He holds a steering wheel. He gives hand signal. Bed tilts too much and Billy falls out onto floor. He wakes up and throws steering wheel away. Garage owner files paper in shelves. Shouts to Billy off screen. Goes to Billy and remonstrates with him. Billy strips out of his nightshirt to reveal clothes and boots underneath. Car driven into garage. Owner and Billy go to it. Man and woman walk along pavement / sidewalk in close up. Pull back to reveal man is pushing a hand held street sweeping machine. Man driving a car takes off his hat politely and nods. Good trick whereby rival garage owner picks up girl by use of chair sticking out of side of his car and drives off. She is kidnapped. Consternation from street sweeper. Car driver pulls girl towards him. Drives along with his arm round her. They enter a tunnel. Blackness. They emerge from tunnel. Girl is now driving car. She is very smart, without a hair out of place. Garage owner sits in side seat beaten up. Clothes torn, hat pulled over his head. (A good lesson in how to deal with an unwanted advance). Car drives up quickly to where the 'Red Dog Garage' and 'Black Cat Garage' are opposite each other. She turns car quickly and man and side seat fly off into his garage (Red Dog). He slides into ladder on which black mechanic is standing. Pile of tyres falls down. She is delighted. Close up of two rival mechanics backs. They have a black cat on their backs. They are hauling on a rope to raise front of car high in air. One mechanic sees girl and leaves so Billy cannot hold the weight and falls over as car crashes down. Wheel falls off. Man looks aghast at what they are doing to car and mops his grimy face with cloth. Man and girl talk, he indicates she should not have gone for a drive with rival garage owner. She indicates 'What could I do?'. Rival owner pulls on anchor from ceiling and kicks his black mechanic who has his head under car bonnet. Mechanic gets into towing truck. As car drives past ready to go into Black Cat Garage, rival owner throws anchor, it hooks onto car, which is pulled into his Red Dog Garage as towing truck pulls it in. Black Cat owner sees this and tells mechanic to get a rope to pull in business. Billy and mechanic leap into car with rope. Car pulls up at entrance. Red Dog's owner throws anchor and tells his mechanic to drive. Billy's mate lassos the windscreen. Tug of war. Mechanic falls out of Billy's car. Close up black mechanic struggling with his vehicle. Good gag where car is stretched to thirty feet long. People watch the tug of war. Black Cat garage owner puts bucket of sand at the tyres to gain traction and grip. Car drives down street and crashes through the stretched car. Billy's car pulls the front half into his garage. They drive through the wooden wall of the garage, second car crashes into Billy's and mechanic is catapulted onto second car and floor. Garage owner apologizes to car driver, who is angry. He gesticulates a lot and throws his arms about. He punches owner and mechanic down. They get up dazed. Owner tells Billy and his mate to win the race and he'll forget the incident. The start of the race. Banner across street and crowds. Red Dog's owner is chained to his car. Black Cat's owner gives advice to Billy. Starter enters and gives instructions. He falls over and gun goes off accidentally. Most cars start, except Billy's. They go round corner over very bumpy ground. Billy tells mechanic mate to start. They reverse into Judges tower and drives off. They take the tower through the banner. People cheer. Starter says 'Come Back'. Billy's car drives through countryside with Tower attached. Close up of two judges being thrown about. Lots of cars meet at junction and drive in all directions. Billy's car goes under bridge, tower collapses and judges step onto railway track. They climb down side of bridge just as train goes over. They climb back up again. Cars race round bends. Billy's car has a bicycle attached to side. Sharp bends filmed from car. Billy's car fails to take turn properly, runs down hillside and re-enters race in lead. Four cars overtake Billy. Billy's car loses wheel. He gets bike off side and pedals furiously after tyre. He overtakes five cars. Tyre goes through gap in shed, Billy crashes through gap leaving bike outside. He re-emerges obviously kicked out by horse. He is battered. Tyre has two horseshoes in it. Horse sticks head out of gap. Billy picks up wheel and runs. Cheering crowds wave cars past. Billy's mate does a quick stop after spinning, he does a five-point turn. Another car takes a corner badly and loses tyre. Billy waves down his car and fits the tyre. He kicks it on. Four men jump out of way of cars. They carry a hollow log. Car crashes through log. When dust settles men are carrying piles of sticks / firewood. They stagger. Four cars go over bumpy ground and each loses a mechanic. Billy starts car. Man with pick axe in hole in ground pulled out as he catches underneath of car. Looks dazed and dives back into hole. Red Dog's owner and mechanic alter direction of sign that reads 'Detour' and 'Danger Blasting'. Billy's car takes wrong road. Men flag warning. Billy thinks they are flagging the finish. He waves his cap joyously. Men leap out of way. Car goes through explosion. It is damaged and ragged. Billy and mate are filthy and their clothes are ripped. Billy urges mate on. Car loses bits as they drive along road. Other cars go through 'Road closed' signs. Men wave at them to stop. Five cars crash into one another. They are wrecked with men all around. Two cars catapulted high over the debris. Billy finds smoking stick of dynamite. He nearly throws it away. Driver tells him to put it in the gas. Close up of Billy putting stick in 'Gas'. Car flies high over debris of other cars, crashes over finish line. Billy and mate fall out. They are picked up and chaired as victors. Starter holds hand up. 'I fired by accident. You'll have to do it all over again'!

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