Film: 2937

Animation | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Animation and film story about cartoonist Winsor McCay 1910's with wonderful footage of his studio and techniques as an animator.

[Film] Four men in dinner jackets sit at table. They laugh as they smoke and play cards. One of the actors is John Bunny, another Winsor McCay. Caption tells us cay has agreed to draw 4000 animated pictures in a month. Bunny calls two more men over. They laugh. Close up of speeded up hand of McCay sketching a cartoon figure. He rolls up the cartoon and presents it to Bunny. Close up of another cartoon of man smoking. McCay is offered a drink - he refuses but indicates the soda syphon.
Two workmen push barrel marked 'Ink' and box labelled 'Drawing Paper' to door marked 'Studio'. McCay emerges when man knocks on door. Four men two barrels of ink and two boxes of paper towards the studio. McCay at his desk as man enters. The desk is piled high with piles of paper, McCay's sketches. The man turns the pages of a large flicker book on the edge of the desk. McCay sees him and throws him out. Man enters again, leans over the desk and knocks over a pile of cells. McCay leans over his desk and does the same. The office junior tries to pick up the papers. Bunny enters and McCay shows him his sketches.
Man cranks handle on machine. Before our eyes a cartoon appears:
[Animation] Two strange looking figures spin around. A third figure appears. The central figure waves her hands so that the outside figures stretch and shrink in time. (The image is similar to that achieved in front of a 'hall-of-mirrors'). Animated figure draws another figure. King and queen sit on throne in mouth of a dinosaur which walks off. Two people drive by in a car which turns away from the camera and explodes. Man carrying a doctor's bag skips on. His bag reads 'Doctor Pill'.

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