Film: 2939

Animation | 1910 | Sound | B/W


Animated Mutt and Jeff 1910's

Jeff juggles top hats. Mutt swaps heavy saucepan for hat and it lands on Jeff's head and becomes stuck. They both try to remove it. Mutt takes Jeff outside. Good perspective shot as workmen haul a safe up the outside of a building. Close up of Mutt cutting rope, hoping safe will land on Jeff. It lands on Mutt and crushes him into pavement. Jeff still cannot see. Mutt hammers Jeff into the ground. The saucepan handle is lifted up by a crane, and Jeff with it. Jeff is put on a girder on a building site and walks around blindly. he nearly falls down lift shaft, but gets taken up a floor. He mistakes a box for steps and a vertical girder for a ladder which he climbs. Again, good perspectives. Traffic moves far below the skyscraper. Jeff teeters on the top. he feels for a place to put his foot, falls off, but runs so fast in the air, he makes it back onto the girder. Mutt wonders where Jeff has gone, and shouts into the hole he hammered Jeff into. Jeff stands on passing girder. It tilts and he falls, grabbing girders as he falls but he loses his grip and lands on Mutt. The saucepan comes off. he jumps up and down excitedly. Mutt has a black eye and is angry.

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