Film: 294

Aviation | 1930 | Silent | B/W


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Gliders in the sky with a close up of the pilot and views from aloft 1930's

Glider with man seated on front with no protection, controls shown, towed by two teams of men and launched from hill. Instrumentation shown.
Four gliders in sky. Seagulls flying. Close up of beret-wearing pilot in cockpit. View from air of aerodrome. Glider hangar. On ground, shot of men running to open sliding doors of hangar. Glider gently wheeled out. Man in very light glider on ground as men hold ends of wings and turn it. Close ups of feet on pedals, the tail fin, tail flaps, joystick goes backwards and from left to right. Wing flaps, ailerons. Towing rope heightens. Boy flicks toy paper plane. Launch of glider. Plane lands. Glider launched by hand. In flight. Control panel. Another launch from steep cliff by hand. Nice footage of a glider soaring above the hills.

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