Film: 2941

Animation | 1920 | Sound | B/W


Krazy Kat travels along in a strange car 1920's

It rains and he puts up umbrella. A stork flies over and carries a baby in its bill. KK turns vehicle into bi-plane and rotates his tail as a propeller. He takes off. KK tries to catch stork and flies ahead of plane. He beckons plane which catches him up with a swimming motion. Stork arrives at chimney and delivers baby to animal who signs for it. KK follows stork back to stork factory.
Production line system of wrapping babies and storks flying off. Babies made out of a mincing machine and thrown into cots on a conveyor belt. Two babies look like cats. KK told to mind the babies till the stork returns from lunch. Room of babies cry in cots. KK entertains them by dressing up and miming like Charlie Chaplin. KK angrily throws his clothes off. He pulls objects out of the ground - a small Eiffel Tower and a small Statue of Liberty. He spits to create the ocean in between, puts on a helmet and flies off round Eiffel Tower. He arrives at Statue of Liberty, kisses it, babies applaud, KK holds hands in the air as a champion and mops up ocean by sucking it up with a pen he has produced.

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