Film: 2942

Animation | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Appears as if episode 2 of a series - the opening caption refers to 'last week we left Krazy Kat at the farm' 1910's

KK talks to bird sitting on scarecrow and asks bird for scarecrow's hat. KK fills hat with milk from cow and directs squirts of milk at turkey. KK fills pond for little duck which dives in. Duck uses its mother's bill to dive off, repeats this in slow motion, then does the dive backwards out of the pond and onto mother's bill "as they do in the 'Pictorial'". Duck dives again and KK lifts the line of the pond away. duck floats down. KK uses line as a skipping rope. Chicken eats discarded rope as if were a worm. KK takes striped sock off washing line and uses it as accordion. Two hens dance. Musical notes appear. Hens faint of exhaustion. KK rides a pig round in circles. Farmer shoots large bullets at KK which appear bigger as they come straight past camera - nice perspectives. KK and farmer dive into water. KK takes farmers trousers and uses them as sail on boat on choppy seas.

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