Film: 2944

Animation | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Krazy Kat cartoon 1930's

KK is lying prone asleep and dreaming, he is floating through the clouds, he dreams of a self service restaurant of the variety with separate windows or hatches for each item, the image of the restaurant is superimposed over the image of KK floating through the clouds, it fades away. A new image superimposed on the clouds of KK spinning at speed in a revolving door which is the entrance to a restaurant. KK approaches the self service area of the restaurant, it resembles a wall with many small windows behind which are foodstuffs(sandwiches and desserts are seen), three clothed animated dogs, 1 female and 2 male, help themselves to plates of food by opening the hatches while KK watches. KK with a concentrated look on his face holding a cup under a tap marked 'Hot Coffee' as it fills. KK walks along the line of food windows, carrying a tray over his head which is twice his size, it is covered in food, cakes, fruit, chicken, bread showing gluttony and he sings a song to the tune of 'On the Good Ship Lollipop', he rests the tray on a shelf. He climbs onto the shelf, lifts one of the windows and takes out a plate of spaghetti which he puts on his tray, he takes another plate of Gefulte fish from a window and then another of pie, he does a little jump for joy. KK still singing, walks past the windows looking towards the viewer, he still carries the tray above his head, bowls of food drop from the air, he catches them and tosses them onto his tray. KK approaches a table and chair in the corner of the room and puts the tray down, he sits down and rapidly pulls the tray away and throws it away, the food remains in position on the table, he picks up a knife and fork and starts to eat but hears a banging noise(in time with the song), the sound is coming from a ham sandwich on a plate behind a window, KK stares at it in consternation. The sandwich jumps up and down on its plate behind its window, above the a sign reads 'Ham'. Close up of the same, it stops jumping and the window hatch lifts up, the top slice of bread lifts off the sandwich as does the slice of ham which folds and turns, metamorphosing into a small man wearing a tall top hat, long coat, checked trousers and long floppy shoes, he speaks the 'To be or not to be' speech from Hamlet in a stern voice, holding his finger aloft and overdoing it, his tone changes and he recites a sad poem (quite hard to hear). KK holding knife and fork stares with gaping mouth at the 'ham', pun intended, he puts the knife and fork on the table and in response to the poem looks a little sad. The ham continues to recite and makes exaggerated movements with his arms and body. KK writhes in his chair and a tear falls from his eye. The ham still speaks, he stops and folds his arms. The food on the table(sweetcorn, doughnuts, chicken, milk bottle, celery, melon, bananas, bread) develops faces and start to sing a jolly song, swaying as KK looks on aghast. The headless chicken carcass stands up, singing and dancing, moving arms from side to side. Rest of the food joins in the chorus and continue to sway from side to side in time with the music and suddenly they all leap off the table.
Close up of blackberry pie window in service hatch wall, the window is undulating in time to upbeat 1930's style band music as is the pie behind the hatch which looks as though its filling is fighting to get out, the window lifts up and the pastry topping explodes to reveal a 7 piece band of bass, drums, horns, piano and violin; the players consist of small men made of blackberries, they swing like mad and the drummer throws his sticks in the air, the image moves to the neighbouring open food hatch which contains a bowl with three peaches which are singing a typical 1930's popular song with female vocals, they sway from side to side then turn around to reveal 'cute' faces(pursed lips and large eyelashes)then stand up, all three are wearing strapped evening gowns and they continue to sing, pan to next window, two slices of Hawaiian pineapple with holes in the middle lie on a plate, the music changes to a furiously strummed banjo(only vaguely Hawaiian sounding), suddenly two dancing women emerge from the holes in the centre of the slices, they wear bikini-style tops, flower garlands round their necks, feet and hands and as they stand up the two pineapple slices now represent their wide grass skirts, they dance from side to side shaking their behinds, the peaches again still singing and dancing.
KK still seated at his chair as a tear falls from his eye, he wipes it away and suddenly looks happy no doubt affected by the jolly tune. The peaches sing, we pass the pineapple window to its neighbour which is marked 'hard boiled eggs', there are 2 eggs on a plate, they spin round, sprout legs and stand up, a male and a female both wearing caps, she looks a little timid, he has a nasty sneer on his face, they dance a tango, he spins her around, throws her to the floor and then picks her up by an arm and a leg and spins her furiously through the air around the inside of the serving hatch, he lets go and they both crash into the side breaking and pieces of eggshell fall to the floor. The three peaches still sing and dance in unison, the song has the lyric,'music is magic'.
Another hatch marked 'Spaghetti' containing a bowl of same, the music changes to an Eastern snake charmer style tune, the strands of spaghetti begin to dance and sway to the music. The peaches again, singing. The blackberry pie band still play energetically. KK stands in the restaurant, in front of him several tables and chairs dance from side to side frenetically to the music. KK stands by the serving hatches, the windows open and close of their own accord in time to the lively band music, he tries to shut them but they are too fast for him. The entire restaurant's contents are now dancing crazily, the hatches, plates and tables and chairs, KK looks on in despair. He stands by a hatch marked 'Cream Puff', the hatch is open and two pots with faces stand on little legs and jump up and down, they blow their contents out of their mouths at Krazy Kat. He backs away towards the hot chocolate tap which is dripping, each drip turning into a dancing figure, the dancing figures dance in a line as KK watches. A line of dancing hot chocolate figures - film ends abruptly.

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