Film: 2945

Animation | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Complete Krazy Kat cat cartoon animated by Bill Nolan 1910's

Krazy Kat follows man who has sausages hanging out of his basket. KK eats sausages, runs and laughs "Ha Ha Ha". Man stands next to large advertising hoarding, takes biscuits out of its picture and throws them at KK who catches them and eats them. KK removes his tail and plays baseball with tail as a bat. He hits biscuit and makes a home run "Safe". The woman in the advertising hoarding walks away. Man throws his basket at KK who leaps on it and rides it.
In a room a maid is using a feather duster. She tickles a baby who laughs before warning her to stop. Maid leaves room. Woman enters and steals feathers from duster which she puts in her hat. She parades around and leaves. Maid enters, sees the duster handle and cries and howls. KK is passing and hears "Boo-oo" drift out of the door. KK is sympathetic to maid and offers to get her new feather duster. The first thing he chases is a turkey. It hides in a barrel and KK grabs a parasol from a picnicking couple. Man shakes his fist. KK takes a fountain spraying from a female statue's mouth. He is ordered to put it back by another male statue. KK sees what he thinks is a feather pillow hanging on a washing line, but it is an escaped convict in a stripy uniform. Convict chases KK. KK traps convict in a cage and laughs. He goes to fetch a policeman. Cop pulls a gun. Convict disguises himself so he looks like a tiger. Cop chases KK and convict changes himself back again. KK thinks he sees a feather duster behind a pillar, but it is the beard of a bomb-carrying man. Man throws bomb at KK who is blown into the air. KK wrestles with a passing crow for its tail feathers, but crow throws him to the ground. KK lands outside Red Indian tepee and steals feathers from boy's head. Father emerges from tent and chases KK firing feathered arrows at KK. The arrows stick into his backside. KK presents arrows to maid who pulls them out of his backside. They make a splendid feather duster. Maid picks KK up and kisses him several times. Maid presents KK with large platter of food and milk. KK laps the milk in close up but still rubs his sore backside.

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