Film: 2948

Feature Drama | 1930 | Silent | B/W


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Jack Manning carried to Tom Woods hears of his brother's gold strike and enough gold to bring Tom and his daughter Mary out wet. Jack lost the gold. Rance Carter found it. Carter had Jack arrested for theft just as the wagon train was leaving. Uncle Amos had Jack released and they started after the wagon train. Travelling westward the wagon train is thrown into a wild stampede in their efforts to escape a raging prairie fire.
Good shot of wagon and horses hastily travelling away from prairie fire. Rance and George are busy making their way away from the fire. Rance's passenger turns out to be Tom Woods who pleads with Rance to turn back for his daughter Mary. A struggle ensues. Cut to Jack and Amos who spot / see the raging fire. Cut to Mary frantically trying to escape the fire. Jack hurries through the smoke as Mary's carriage overturns, and she is thrown out. Trapped under the carriage the fire gets nearer and nearer. Jack arrives just in time. Jack and Mary ride off together. Medium shot of wagons rushing away at break neck speed from the fire. Rance and Tom Woods stop as they realise the fire has changed direction. Tom Woods threatens to harm Rance if any harm has come to Mary. Good close, up of Tom with his hands around Rance's neck. Jack and Mary arrive at the same encampment as Rance and Tom. Jack and Tom shake hands. Tom and Mary embrace. Tom apologizes for getting Jack arrested and explains he was forced into it. Rance attempts to stir things up, but a stronger states his preference for men like Tom. Mary and Tom are offered a lift in the strangers wagon. Intertitle, determined to check the invasion of the white man, enemy tribes band together in a general uprising to drive 'The Paleface' from their land. Excellent shot of Indian encampment with braves dancing around. Drums are beaten and the chief makes the following speech, "By a thousand trails they come - scattering our herds, claiming our lands! go! Carry the word to our brothers. It is war, to the death!"
Intertitle, meanwhile at the Gold Creek diggings, land of Great Promise for the wagon train. Long tracking shot through town to the God Nugget Bar (A similar shot is used elsewhere in separate parts of 'Indians Are Coming). Medium shot of bar with couples dancing around tables. Dissolve to shot of George and Bill (Jack's friend) discussing the plight of Jack and Tom. George smokes a clay pipe and a hunters hat. Outside a blonde woman is consoled by numerous townspeople. Her family have been killed and her house burnt down. Cut to woman holding her baby. Bill decides to take up a collection for the woman. Men dressed in white buckskin suits dig into their pockets for money which they deposit in Bill's black hat. (see over).
Intertitle, early morning at a camp of the wagon train in the heat of the Indian country.
Jack, Mary and dog walk through wagon train camp. A pot boils, a fire burns. People move about in background. Rance and friend watch the happy couple walk through a tree lined grove.

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