Film: 2950

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Silent | B/W


John Bunny at the Derby 1910's

Caption, 'Anne has no clothes to wear'. Girl and her father look poor. John Bunny enters. Old man leaves. Bunny kindly asks girl to sit in chair. He is perplexed and scratches his head. He pulls out some money and disappears to buy, "Gifts for the 'lidy'". Bunny with a group of men. He reveals a large lady's hat which he tries on. Men pat him on the back. Bunny re-enters house, and calls girl over to him. He shows her skirt. He helps her on with a coat. She smiles. She stands still with her eyes closed and opens them to see the large hat. She puts the hat on. Bunny fetches a mirror so she can see her reflection. They move away from the camera and put their arms around each other. Father's head appears through the window.
'On the way', to the Derby. Bunny and girl travel in horse and cart to meeting. Men wearing flat caps walk alongside. Horse coach and taxi pass by. Generous Bunny throws food to men.
Bunny and girl visit gypsy caravan. Little girl, mother and child leave caravan. Bunny gives woman a coin. Bunny and girl lead pony and trap off. Crowds at the Epsom Derby. Bunny and girl have their palms read by gypsy woman. He laughs, large crowds at the Derby. Bunny points. People standing on vehicles. The horse race coming down the hill. Tattenham Corner. The crowd rush onto the race track. The finish. Bunny and girl point. Bunny pats a foal. Bunny asks a man to tend to the pony and trap. He and girl go for a drive. Two men conspire near horses. They steal pony and trap. Bunny and girl asleep in the pony and trap on the way home. Bunny and girl wake up.

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