Film: 2967

Natural History | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Very stagey look at three bears cubs and their adventures on a farm. Tongue in cheek documentary style made bizarre by the voice over speaking the bears' thoughts.

Three young brown bears climb over small rock and wrestle in grass. They chase one another. Close up of one bear in long grass surrounded by daisies. Two bears on hind legs looking around the field. Three young bears in a row looking over the top of a felled log. Their point of view of a skunk rummaging on the ground. They run away. Cubs playing in a stream. One cub seems to be marooned on a rock in a fast moving part of the river. Other cub watches fish in still part of the river. he fails to catch any. Stranded bear lowers herself into the river and splashes through to shore.

Three bears run across field towards a farmhouse. Cows watch them. Cow and bear regard each other cautiously. Bear shins up a tree trunk. Bear climbs down. Three bears run past barn. Gander hisses at bears. Two of them crouch in fear and try to escape. Three bears run into barn. One bear leans into horse's enclosure. Horse unconcerned. Three bears play in hay loft. One bear climbs a ladder to get to top. Two other bears fight in the middle of ladder. First cub climbs down. Three bears climb on barrels. One bear falls in - it contains pickle brine. (?) Second bear peers in and also falls. Pile of discarded food cans and tin wash tub. Tub full of foam. Bears put their noses in the foam. The spill the tub and wash board. One bear eats soap. Three bears find a pram covered in white cloth in the garden. Two bears climb onto pram. One bear falls off, the second sits in the pram and drinks milk from a baby's bottle. He drops the bottle and other bear takes it.

Three bears enter dairy (stone building with milk pails outside). Two bears find milk pails and put their heads inside. Third bear finds milk in a can but the top is too narrow. Bear spills milk and licks it off the floor. One bear plays in the churn ( a barrel on a rocker - bear sits inside). Mother and daughter in farm kitchen. Mother in apron is at stove. Wholesome child sets the table. Mother cools pies on the window ledge. Mother and daughter leave building. Bear hoists himself onto window sill and eats pie. Other two fight over pie on the floor. Bear falls off window ledge and gets pie all over his back. Bears fight in pie. Mother and daughter speak to a man by a car. Bears open kitchen door and go inside. They climb on to worktops and poke their heads into saucepans and bowls. Two bears squabble and one falls down, bringing eggs and milk with him. Bear knocks off jar of flour. family return to the house. Car drives away. Little girl gasps and calls her mother. Mother is shocked. Three Bruins run away through fields. The End.

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