Film: 2968

Feature Drama | 1940 | Silent | B/W


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The Range Busters are on the Trail of Silver Spur 'a notorious robber who has robbed a Government mint'. Three cowboys riding into frame, getting off their horses in a small town, where they will "Hold up for the night". three cowboys are coming towards the camera. The horses are left behind. a broken window, someone draws down a blind. The cowboys are taken a back, "I don't like this ghost town, It's kidnap spooky". Hotel sign above which is a porch and partially open window from which a gun is pointing, another hand comes and pulls the gun in the cowboys walking on unharmed, laughing, they separate, one stays in the frame calling them back, then runs after them. Inside the hotel, cobwebs, mess. A man in a suit sitting at a table writing with a candle light, looking up in alert. The three looking around on the ground floor. The man closes the book and goes to investigate carefully. The cowboys see a working old clock, "How come this clock's ticking when there's supposed to be nobody here?". The three are asleep, their hats next to them, from the side the clock suddenly moves and a secret door opens, the man in the suit comes in and discovers the sleepers, he pulls out a gun, when suddenly he notices somebody walking upstairs, he quickly put the gun away and walks off, close up of legs with spurs on. An old man with a night gown walks downstairs towards the clock, winding it up, one of the cowboys awakes, the old man goes back up again. "Bob, I've just seen the corpse that uns this place!". The old man enters the top room and is met by his daughter. "Father, you've been sleep walking again!". He wakes up frightened and sits down. The three men wake up, "Somebody's shooting now!". The father and daughter get frightened and blow the candle out, the three men jump, the man in a suit and top hat is seen shooting from the back and from the front. The cowboys are getting dressed quickly, the hat man is shooting again, now the old man is shooting back from the top room looking out. the cowboys are running out, "Things may start popping again - Let's separate". They walk in three directions, the old man looking out, one of the cowboys being stopped in his search, the daughter comes down the stairs pointing a gun at him. "What are you and your pals doing here? are you trying to scare us out?". He turns around smiling at her. "No, ma'am. We're government agents trailing a bandit". Another cowboy walks around searching with his gun at, when suddenly he is getting shot at from the old man. While he takes cover the third one appears, he is about to put his gun away when he sees a spur on the ground, he picks it up and becomes suspicious. The first cowboy is forced to go up while the daughter is pointing her gun at him. The clock. the other two meet. "Let's find Dusty". The man is having a friendly chat to the daughter and father upstairs, when the door opens and the other two come in. The old man jumps and points his gun at them but is stopped by their friend, "Hold Hard! These are my friends". The daughter pulls out the gun from her father's arms. The five talk to each other. "Dad once owned most of this town, and thinks there is gold in his old mine, but a stranger is trying to scare us away". Then it quietens down and the boys bed down once more. The clock time moves on. The man in the suit creeps in, one of his spurs are missing, as he sneaks behind the clock. The hours go by the three cowboys awake. The daughter is dining with her "captive", her father approaches. "I'm off to the mine. I reckon I'll strike pay dirt soon". His daughter is after him, "Don't go, gather. It's dangerous". He reassures her putting the gun???? The young lady facing the room. "Poor father still believes he'll find gold in his mine".

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