Film: 2969

Feature Drama | 1940 | Silent | B/W


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A little later Alibi has a good idea. He is unloading his gun, pulls out the powder and puts explosives inside instead. His friend approaches him. Alibi, "I'm goin' to shoot some gold dust into the gizzard of the old man's mine. He'll be happy when he finds traces of gold". News paper article. Gold has been found again in the old town 'Bottle Neck', Dan Nordick the discoverer was once the major of this desert town. Two people and a donkey are walking in the desert between cactuses and mountains. A view from above, many people are walking up a mountain path with spade. Old cars and people in the street. The daughter and father looking out through the window. They are happy, "Nancy, the old town has come to life again!". The three cowboys talking, "You've started something salting that mine. Wait till the settlers find out it's phoney". The top hat man is listening from behind the secret door. Pictures from a busy town out in the mine, dozens are digging. At the casino the old man sitting at a desk, looking at papers, a queue of men behind him. "I'm selling you boys share in my mine at the old price I paid 25 years ago". Lots of men at the bar, the hat man is fiddling with the clock's cogwheels, the three cowboys come down the stairs, when suddenly they see him. close up of boots, one spur is missing. "Rigging a mine, gentlemen, is a very serious crime". And off he goes. They look at each other. "He means trouble better get Nancy and her father away before he blabs". Alibi goes back up. Horses and carriage in the dark, taking Nancy and her father. The hat man in the casino addresses all the men. "...and, gentlemen, the thing you thought was a gold strike...". Somebody jumps at him from behind and drags him to a side room. The two cowboys realise he is pointing his gun at them. All the men gather behind the side door, the gun man comes out. One cowboy was going to chase him. The other stops him. "Let him blab, then they'll chase us instead of Nancy and her father". Out in the casino he makes his speech. "Gentlemen, you've been robbed! The gold strikes a fake!" The two cowboys had escaped through the window before the angry crowd rushed in. Out in the street searching. In the morning many on their horses searching. "Split up men, we'll find them". The two are riding away on a mountain path. Six are behind them. The two stop beside and see their chasers over the rock. The six realise they lost them. The two reach the old mine where "Bottle Neck's" deserted except for silver spur, who wants it that way. Many people coming out of the mine. The two ride on. The hat man is fiddling with the clock again. The two arrive in town, tie their horses and go to the hotel, fighting with hat man. One cowboy pulls out a gun. "You're under arrest, Silver Spur, for stealing Government Gold". And with the capture of Silver Spur another of Range Busters adventures comes to an end. The old man and Nancy are safe. They wave goodbye to the three riders.

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