Film: 297

Transport General | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Strange and odd bicycles and other road vehicles - pram, chair etc. 1940's

Very small motor bikes, street cycling race with crashes. Father and son bikes. Cycle race Tour de France? With lots of falls. A stunt on motorcycle. Cross coauntry race through muddy water. Bikes climbing a steep slope and riders falling.
Roller derby on skates - skating race with the women competitors fighting each other. Mens race with bullying tactics. More hairpulling from girls who have to broken up from fighting. Daredevil motorbikes go through fire and glass.
Car stunt driving through wall of ice. Car jumping bus. Driving over a man. Driving at a brick wall. Car rolling in slow motion. Human boomerang with driver on the bonnet.
Stock car racing and crashes. Car out of control goes over a cliff.
Motor-racing. Midget racing. Crash where driver crawls from car.
Car to plane by ladder. Man on bi-plane.

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