Film: 2970

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Sound | B/W


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1) The Power of Innocence - 1910's.
Concourse of Pennsylvania Station in New York? A country girl sits on the steps eating. An 'evil' woman stops and speaks with her. Lucy goes off with her. She is then driven out of the station in an early touring car (registration number 76719; circa 1910). They stop in a fashionable residential district. The two women enter a bedroom with a brass bedstead. A blacked up maid takes the rich woman's coat and hat. Lucy takes off her hat and coat and sits on the bed. She begins to tell the rich woman about her past. Flashback to Lucy with her parents and grandmother at the dining table about to eat a meal. Lucy tells of the untimely death of her father. Father automatically falls to ground clutching chest, Lucy gets off the seat and runs to him. Grandma too. As his wife enters the room he dies, over reacting and corny acting in the style of silent cinema. The women fall upon the corpse. Madame Lasonga (the rich woman) looks sympathetic. Lucy's mother and grandmother are lonely. They clasp one another in the kitchen. Madame clasps Lucy to her chest, she will protect Lucy. Madame walks down the stairs and shakes hands with a man (a customer). Madame defies him. He pushes her aside and tries to go upstairs. Another man, George, comes in and fights with the customer (George tries to unscrew his head). George is flipped onto his back. He leaves. Lucy is released from the clutches of Madam who takes her in her touring car to the station. As a rail guard looks on Lucy and Madame hug one another. Good-bye at the end of the platform. (Time 4:20)
1) The Lonedale Operator - 1910's.
A man and a woman flirt next to the railway track. He wears a railway engineer's suit. They walk arm-in-arm towards the railway station building. He shakes her hand. She walks into the waiting room where a woman with a large bag sits and a man with a huge hat, stands ... The telegraph operator looks upset. Blanche Sweet tells him to go off. He gives her a gun but she refuses it. Train pulls into station, Blanche Sweet collects gold and mail from the mail van as two outlaws crawl out from under the train. She returns to the office. The bandits stand around on the train platform. Blanche Sweet puts the gold down. The robbers are outside the window spying on her. She sees them. She runs out and locks the door. The thieves try and get in. She locks the inner door to the telegraph office and stands frightened against the door. She taps out a message using Morse Code. A sleeping telegraph operator hears her message and relays a message which makes her laugh. Blanche looks exhausted and terrified. She faints. The telegraph operator runs to the railway engineer who stands next to a locomotive. He starts the train. The outlaws break into the outer office, they cannot get through the next door. Blanche looks for something. The train steams along the track to towards the camera. Thieves try and use a bench to break down the door. they succeed. Blanche points a gun at them. The train races along the track, nice shot from coal caboose looking into the footplate of the steam engine with the driver and the fireman talking to each other. Robbers put their hands up. Railway engineer arrives at Blanche's station. He jumps off the train into office and points a gun at the outlaws. Close up of Blanche's gun; it is a wrench. Everyone except the robbers laugh. The robbers are 'good sports' and take their hats off and bow to Blanche. "Never trust a wench with a wrench". The railway engineer and Blanche embrace coyly.
End titles read: Finis
(Time: 3:33)

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