Film: 2971

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Silent | B/W


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Extract from The Adventurer 1917.
Chaplin's head appears from sand. He escapes in striped prison garb from the warden watching over him. A chase ensues Charlie is ambushed by a prison guard and apparently shot. He falls to the ground and kicks the warden over the cliff when the warden inspects his body. Another chase ensues as the other guards discover Chaplin. He hides in caves on the shore, manages to hold two guards at gun point, shoots one accidentally and falls into sea. He swims. Guards get into boat but are sunk by a wave. The End.
To the Rescue (extract from The Vagabond 1916)
Chaplin in the countryside sees a damsel being beaten cruelly by a man with a whip. She collapses. Chaplin sneaks into the camp, knocks out various men including the cruel man with the whip and carries the maiden to safety. A man recovers from his blow and chases Chaplin. Chaplin recovers and takes off in a caravan with the woman. The whole camp follow after him. The End.

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