Film: 2972

Animation | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Another fun cartoon adventure with Felix the Cat. 1920's He gets beaten up by a mouse, makes men do his bidding and captures a hippo against all odds. A fun little cartoon.

By a cottage, with a picket fence and mail box, stand two men, one elderly and one younger holding a bunch of flowers; between them both is a bag, out of which jumps a rabbit, with a rolled up letter, which it puts down; as the younger man bends down, the rabbit talks, pushes his hands forward, causing little flashes to appear, finally, he picks up the letter '-and I take pleasure in presenting you with this nice diploma!'; the man takes it, bows and leaves the flowers in mid air, so the rabbit takes them, drops two and scampers off, as the elderly man walks towards the other man and then walks off too. Diploma, This certifies that that Adam Sapp is a fully fledged hypnotist, reads the letter. Adam folds it up, puts it in his pocket, 'Now for a subject to work on,' he turns around looking for a subject.

Felix is running after a mouse, when he captures it, he laughs, he,he, and then a ? appears as the mouse escapes, meaning he has to hold onto its tail as it drags him round, but eventually he hits it, creating stars, sits read to pounce and as he does so a puff of smoke appears, as long as the word BANG and then Felix is revealed with one paw on the mouse who is lying out cold, with dazed bubbles over its head, and flies as Felix kicks him. Adam, moves a hand, out come flashes, he turns to the house and repeats the action.

As the mouse runs, scared, the flashes hit Felix, causing him to stand up straight, he is hypnotised; the mouse jumps, pushes him over, throws him back and forth, causing stars to appear over Felix's head, the mouse jumps on his stomach, little puffs of air appear, he punches Felix in the head, so he sits up and stars appear, finally hitting him again, the mouse causes more stars, Felix's tail is in the air, giving the mouse the perfect excuse to pull him to the ground, where a puff of smoke appears, he is again hit in the stomach, air comes out of his mouth in the form of a cloud, his head detaches momentarily and the two whirl round in a circle, sweat and stars come out; Felix is hit one more time, stars appear, his is swung from side to side, sits up with a ? Over his head and a sullen face as the mouse marches off.

'Success!' cries Adam, his mouth open and his arms stretched out. Felix scratches his head, shakes it, and then turns round realising with dotted lines from his eyes and an ! Over his head, what has happened. Adam turns away. Felix points to Adam, nods, winks, moves his arms like a hypnotist, points to himself and walks off to confront him. Adam has tears of laughter coming out of his eyes and doesn't see Felix walk up. A book on How to be a Hypnotist is in his back pocket. Felix shakes his paw, turns round and with his tail, lifts the book out of Adam's pocket.

He goes and reads it, moving it up and down, pointing with his hands occasionally; he takes his tail off, looks the book, points his hands at his tail so lines come out of them and his tail turns into an S shape, jumps up, lands and becomes a sausage dog, which then turns back into a tail and reattaches itself to Felix when he zaps his hands at it; Felix jumps for joy and turns his attention to Adam, shaking his fists, looking at the book and points towards Adam. Adam turns round as the rays hit him, his mouth is wide open. Felix smiles, raises his arms, 'You're a bird!', thick flashes emerge from his paws and Adam crouches down, coo's, flaps like a bird, eventually taking off. Felix jumps up 'Horray, I have the world in in my power!', picking up the book, putting in the back of his fur and walking off.

Down a street he stops outside a restaurant and looks in. Inside is a man eating. Felix looks solemn as he licks his lips and then winks, 'This is where I get some eats!'; he looks at the book, points his hands to the window, 'you're a golfer!' and flashes appear. The man at the table jumps over it, picks up a piece of fruit, puts it on the floor and with a walking stick hits it past another customer. It flies out of the window, Felix catches it, eats it and licks his lips.

Inside the customer who had the fruit fly past, is shocked when his boiled egg hatches. The chick chirps 'Hello! Pop!' With a wide mouth and ? over him, he cries 'Waiter!'; the waiter arrives and he points to the chick as he rants and raves, sweat coming from his forehead, points to himself, and then falls onto the table, sending it flying; he gets up, punches the air as he is not facing the waiter and has his eyes closed, when he realises he turns round and despite the waiter trying to defend himself, hits him on the chin, causing stars and smoke to appear, as the waiter collapses; the man walks off after saying 'Hit a man when his back is turned will you?', the waiter sits up, a ? over his head as FORE appears overhead. It is the man Felix hypnotised, 'FORE' he shouts, picks up fruit and hits it. It flies past the waiter. Outside Felix catches it and eats. The waiter emerges, a ? over him, Felix has plenty of food, but when the waiter runs for him, he grabs the book and jumps out of the way, running off.

He runs to a tree, pants, looks about and hypnotises the waiter as he approaches. Felix's eyes become a spiral. He levitates the waiter and laughs 'ha,ha,ha', appears overhead; he winks, turns the page in the book and makes the waiter's trousers come off and start to run off; he drops the waiter, who realises he has no trousers on, as a ? appears, and runs after them, as Felix stands and laughs.

Felix begins to walk backwards, still laughing, ha, ha, but, a stern man stands, waiting; as he hits the front of the man's foot, Felix feels behind him and backs away, turning and sees the man, who gets out a baton causing Felix to quickly run away. His tail and whole body is spiky as he stops near a tree and turns round to see a sign. $1000 Reward for the return of a white hippo, Bunkun's Circus. Felix gets his book out, reads, kisses it and as he puts it in his fur, shouts 'With the aid of this book I'll have him in jig time!!', he does a somersault and goes in search.

By a fence are footprints which Felix takes time to see, but dotted lines acknowledge when he has, 'That's him!', and runs after them. He reaches a river where the hippo is hiding, but looks like a rock, So Felix doesn't see him; with ? over him, he shakes his head, stands on the hippo's back and looks about; the hippo stands up but has a horn on, Felix looks shocked, ? Over his head and as he jumps off it is the hippo who has the ?; Felix reaches for his book, but can't find it, tries to hypnotise it anyway but only results in the hippo chasing him. They run over fields. Felix stops by a tree, jumps up onto a branch, his tail pointed and hides from view as the hippo arrives; looking gruff, it looks about, stands up on its hind legs but doesn't see Felix emerge from his hiding place and with his tail lift the horn off; the hippo looks shocked and as Felix blows it, musical notes come from the horn and the hippo begins to dance. Using the horn Felix lures it to its box, uses his hypnosis to close the door and 'Hurrah!' rises up as the reward money appears.

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