Film: 2973

Animation | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Felix the Cat cartoon 1920s

Farmer argues with cockerell or rooster. He rants and clenches his fists. Finger wagging and pointing. Farmer walks about in the exaggerated style of Felix the Cat. The cockerel follows him. Man stops and tells cockerell to stop following. Man paces about on his own. Cockerell enters the hen house and looks round. It is empty. He spies each roost and nest in turn. Outside the cockerell taps its foot and a question mark appears above his head. A hen appears and looks in a hand mirror and powders its face. Rooster tells hen to go and lay an egg, the response being "I should be so oldfashioned". The cockerell is perplexed - "The chickens nowadays are getting too sophisticated". Music notes appear. Rooster follows them to a fence with a hole in it and looks through the hole. On the other side of the fence, Felix the cat is playing a saxophone and keeping time with his foot whilst a couple of hens dance with one another. Other hens look on. Cockerell tells farmer - he does a very good demonstration of the music and the dancing. The cockerell leads the way to the fence as they run along. the farmer puts his eye to the hole, sees Felix and pulls the cat back through the hole by the tail. The angry farmer flings Felix against the fence, and Felix disappears, only to reappear again quickly. Farmer catches Felix and drop kicks him a long way away. Felix lands on a beehive and has a battle with a swarm of bees, trying to puch them. He is stung on the backside, runs away and rubs his backside on the ground next to a lake. He dips his tail and backside in the lake, and looks relieved and happy, but leaps out again with a turtle or terrapin attached to his tail. He runs around in pain, stops and slings the terrapin away. It hits the farmer on the backside and attaches itself. The man is in pain, and he runs around before throwing the turtle a long way away. It hits a scarecrow in the distance who runs off. On the screen laughter appears "HA! HA!". We see Felix laughing. the farmer looks for revenge. He picks up a rock, hides behind a tree, and throws the stone at a goat which is asleep on the ground. The goat chases Felix who reaches a line of washing. Felix removes a towel from the line and uses it as a cape with the goat as a bull and himself as a matodor in a copy of a bullfighting scene. the goat makes a couple of charges and misses. In a long shot, the goat chases Felix around a haystack. Felix jumps on a fence next to the farmer who is reading a newspaper, and Felix targets the backside of the farmer. the goat head butts the man into a well. the goat is dazed - stars spin around his head. Felix laughs. Near drowning noises - "BLUB BLUB" emerge from the well, before the man climbs out. He is amazed to see Felix again playing his saxophone for the hens to dance to. Three dance in a line and pirouette together. The farmer, now really angry says ""I'll fix you for good and all!" He picks up a shotgun and in a nice perspective shot runs along a double fence lined country lane basically towards the camera. He pursues Felix along the lane. Felix stops and pleads for mercy, but is told to "Dig your own grave, then I'll pop you off". Felox digs. Nice close up of man with gunn "Dig, Doggone you, Dig". Felix is shovelling earth from the hole - his potential grave. Close up of farmer giving a cruel and knowing look at the camera. Big question mark appears from the hole, Felix jumps out and tells man not to shoot. Oil starts to gush from the hole. Large gusher escapes from the hole, but for a short while man and cat are baffled. Then they realise, they've struck oil. Farmer picks Felix up and kisses, hugs and dances a little jig with him. Picture disappears to a small dot.
"Six months later and oil's well down on the farm". Felix plays saxophone, farmer now in formal wear plays violin or fiddle and hens dance in front of many oil wells and derricks, and with oil barrels around. Close up still of new tycoon wearing top hat, smoking fat cigar and with his arm round Felix' shoulder. They are the best of friends.

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