Film: 2974

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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1. The Navigator:
a) Buster Keaton at a big kettle. He tries to get out some eggs with a large spoon. He puts the first one on the bottom side of a plate, tries to balance it. The egg falls down. He looks out for another egg. He lights a match in order to have more light. He tries to take an egg, but burns his fingers. He uses the spoon, and the egg falls down. He finds a third one, it falls down as well. He covers the broken eggs with a plate.
b) A still from the scene before: Buster at the kettle, an egg on the large spoon, looking at his watch (?).
c) [An extract from a scene parallel to (a), a few days later]
A saw fixed on a grindstone. Buster turning the grindstone, thus sawing open a can. He puts the contents on a plate. A the kettle. He pulls out a cage via a pulley, four eggs are in the cage. He puts them into a sieve.
2. The General:
Buster on the borrowed locomotive climbing on the roof, looking out.
3. Seven Chances (Stills):
- Buster in the front row in the church, dressed as groom, waiting for a bride.
- In the church, with crowds of brides.
4. Cops (Stills):
- Buster running in the street, alone
- Buster running in the street, chased by crowds of cops
5. Sherlock Jr (Still):
The double exposure of the two Busters in the projectionist's room
6. Sherlock Jr (extract):
Buster Keaton jumping into the screen, with changing scenes around him, until he looks down the precipice cf. 002692; NO new parts.
7. Buster Keaton (Two Stills):
- Buster Keaton as a young man
- Buster Keaton as an old man
8. Sherlock Jr. (extract) New parts, to insert in 002976, cf. 002976
Buster on the motorbike, telling Gilette (who is not there) to slow down. A row of workers shoveling soil. Buster arrives on the motor-bike, each of the workers shovels the soil in his face. 'Thomas Murphy's stag party'. About 20 men form teams for a tug-of-war. Buster, riding through a forest. The teams, ready to start. Buster rides through the middle, the rope catches in the motorbike and he pulls some men after him (they still cling to the rope). Two garden tables, benches and people sitting on them. Buster rides along, still pulling the rope, and the men who cling to the rope tip over the benches and tables. Buster drives through a brook. The last two men who still cling to the rope let go. They fight. A bridge with a gap in the middle. A lorry driver gets into his lorry. The Bridge from above. Buster arrives in the distance. The bridge. A second lorry drives round the corner, the first one drives off and they meet in the gap of the bridge. At this moment, Buster drives over the first half of the bridge, over the lorries, and over the second half of the bridge. The second half of the bridge. It ends in the air. Buster drives over it, at the same time the bridge collapses, so that Buster is on ground level when he reaches the end of the bridge. Two workers putting explosives under a log on the road. A sign: 'Street closed'. Buster arrives. The workers run away, one of them signals with a flag Buster to stop. An explosion blows the logs away, Buster drives through the gap. Then he drives through the sign 'street closed', destroying it. He rides right through the middle of a vehicle of a strange, bridge-like shape. Buster on the handlebars, talking to Gilette (who is not there): 'You know, I've a sort of premonition that something is going to happen in a minute.'

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