Film: 2975

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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- from: Buster Keaton gets the ring back from the girl
to: Buster standing on the veranda, starts to follow Crane
(--- cf. 005101 resp. 002692 ---)

- from: Buster is hit by the steam released from a locomotive
to: 'Somewhat crestfallen at his failure as a detective, Buster returns to his modest job as a cinema projectionist' (---- cf. 005101 resp. 002692 ----)

- from: Buster jumps into the screen to prevent Crane from kissing the girl
to: He jerks in his sleep and recovers from the fall (---- cf. 002692 ----)

-from: Buster in the lion cage
to: The screen-picture dissolves into Crane and the girl, kissing
(------ cf. 005101 resp. 002692 ------)

from: After Buster jumped through Gilette's belly into the fence
(------ cf. 005101; this is the new part, following directly after the end of 005101 ----)
Two gangsters at the fence look for Buster. They discover a revolving door in the fence, turn it and climb in. Buster, clinging to the other side of the door, is now outside. He locks the door with a bolt and walks away. Another gangster arrives. Buster runs away. A street, Buster runs around the corner.

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