Film: 2976

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Buster Keaton sitting on the handlebar of a motorbike, without driver behind him, riding. He crosses a junction with big traffic. He drives around a corner, winding his way between the cars. He rides through a puddle, knocking down a woman who carries a basket on her head. He nearly crashes into a car turning around a corner. The car of the gangsters, driving a few bends.
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Buster sits relaxed on the handlebar. We track him from the side. A railway crossing. A train approaches, Buster as well. He covers ears and eyes with his hands and crosses the tracks a few seconds before the train. He crosses a street, nearly crashing into a car. He looks around (but not behind): 'Look out! We're coming to a bend!' He turns, notices that the driver is gone, and nearly falls of the motorbike. The servant and the kidnapped girl in the hut. The servant unknots his tie, stands up and grins fiercely. The girl is frightened. Buster drives with difficulties along a field path. He crashes into a pile of logs, flies through the window of the hut, crashes into the servant thus kicking him away. The servant crashes through the wall of the hut. Buster takes the girl's hand. The car of the gangsters arrives. They enter the house by the door, meanwhile Buster and the girl climb out of the window and into the car. They drive away. The gangsters shoot, get into the servant's car and follow. Buster and the girl, fleeing. The gangsters, chasing them. Buster's car. The gangster's car. Two of the gangsters climb on the small platform on the side of the car and shoot. Buster takes the ball '13', the bomb, out of his pocket and throws it at the gangster's car. An explosion in the car, the gangsters on the platform fall off. Buster's car, driving on. The other one crashes into a sand heap on the side of the road. Buster's car from behind, 'our wheel brakes' written on the spare tyre. Buster and the girl. The girl: 'Oh, we forgot Reginald! Shouldn't we go back for him?' Then she points in front of the car, frightened. Buster brakes. At the shore of a sea. The car arrives, the lower part stops, and the upper part breaks loose and flies into the sea. Buster and the girl, gliding through the water in the upper part of the car. They are puzzled. Buster stretches out his hand for a left turn. He drives a right turn, opens the door, climbs out of the car and falls into the water. The girl helps Buster to climb in again.

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