Film: 2978

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Buster Keaton, as boat's coxswain, walking out of a hall. Some other students carry the boat. Crowds, cheering, on a ship on the shore. Buster waves his hat. The front of the boat is carried between his legs and lifts him up. He shouts, the students notice what happened and put Buster on the ground again. They carry the boat to the water. On Keaton's sign they lift the boat and lower it into the water. The name of the boat: 'Damfino'. The students climb into the boat and push it away from the jetty. Buster jumps into the boat. The hull brakes and he falls into the water. While he tries to climb in again, the boat capsizes and the students fall into the water. They swim ashore and shout at Buster. The little port. The other team in its boat arrives. Cheering people. Buster and the students. They carry a new boat. Buster 'helps' (or rather doesn't help) carry the boat. He gets his megaphone and rudder. The students lower the boat into the water. Its name: 'Old Iron Bottom'. Buster climbs in first, cautiously. The other team and cheering people. A man with a megaphone tells Buster's team to hurry. They arrive. The man with the megaphone, giving the sign to start. The two teams start rowing: The race begins! Buster, the coxswain, shouting. The megaphone is fastened at his nose. He puts it at its proper position. The two boats. They row into each other. The oars get stuck. The boat with the man with the megaphone arrives. He is angry. The teams free their boats and continue rowing. The boats, racing. Buster, shouting. He pulls the rudder off the keel (accidentally), tells the students just to row on, while he is going to fix it. From Buster's point of view: the oarsmen. Buster ties the rudder at his backside. He climbs at the keel and holds his backside with the rudder into the water (in order to steer). The oarsmen, rowing towards a jetty. Buster, lifting his right leg. The boat turns left. Buster at the keel of the boat, gliding through the water. On the jetty at the finish line: A man with a small cannon. The boats arrive, head to head. Buster's team wins. The crowds cheer. Buster stands up and poses: winner! A man in a boat tries to start the engine. Buster's team crashes into his boat, they all fall into the water.

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