Film: 2979

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Short extract of Buster Keaton going into a Ghost Town only to be scared by a door of a hotel falling.
A map of a part of Nevada. Zoom: 'Ghost Town', north of 'Tonopah'.
Buster, trying to push his car, in vain. He is in an empty village, in Ghost Town. He takes a bag with golf clubs and a bucket out of his car and walks to the houses. A buzzard, sitting on the sign 'Sheriff's office'. Buster approaches a derelict house, 'Waldorf Astoria Hotel' is written on the sign, hanging obliquely. Buster puts the sign in its proper position, opens the door. The sign moves to its oblique position again. The buzzard. Buster has put his luggage into the hotel, leaves, closes the door, walks a few steps away. The door falls out of the frame. Buster is frightened, runs away. He steps on a loose board, lifting the other end. The board hits him. He runs away.

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