Film: 2980

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Buster Keaton is chased by a dog, then by two men. He disguises himself as a scarecrow, irritates them, then runs away with a girl, first on horses, then on a motorbike. During their flight they 'collect' a priest and marry, still riding the bike.

A girl (Sybil Sealy), dancing with a fat man (Al St John) in front of haystacks. Buster arrives, sees them, is tormented with lovesickness, leaves. A dog, eating from a bowl. Buster arrives, presses his hand against his heart, sadly. The dog. Buster spots him and runs away. The dog (who is quite small, actually) runs after him. In front of the haystacks: Sealy and John stop dancing, surprised. Buster stumbles over a box, falls, runs off. The dog after him. John and Sealy, John runs off. Buster at a derelict house. A door, but no windows, just holes. Buster jumps into the right window, the dog follows. Buster jumps out of the left window, runs to the right one and jumps in. The dog follows. Inside. Buster glides through a hole or door. He runs into a corner. The dog, sitting in a window and staring at Buster. Buster creeps through a hole in the wall. John entering the drug store. Buster, his legs apart, stands over the hole. The dog jumps through hole and legs without noticing Buster. Buster creeps back through the hole. The dog after him. Buster climbs a ladder, the dog, slowly, follows. John leaves the drug store. He bought crutches and some jars. A chase on the walls of the derelict building. There is no roof, so Buster and the dog run on the walls. The walls form a square, with two gaps in it. The gaps are bridged by a board each. Buster runs along the walls, the dog after him. John sits down on the pavement, putting the jars next to him: Iodine, dog bite, apnica, a box with cotton, a box with gauze. Buster and the dog, running on the walls. Buster jumps the larger gap, then removes the board. The dog is too small and does not dare jumping. So he runs the other way round, chasing Buster the other direction, until he comes to the gap again. Buster jumps the larger gap, runs on; the dog turns, chases Buster the other direction; Buster runs, jumps the gap, runs on. The dog turns at the gap, runs in the other direction and chases Buster again. John, sitting on the pavement. The dog at the large gap, barking at Buster. Buster sits on the wall. The dog. Buster lights a cigarette. The dog jumps over the gap. Buster notices the dog and falls backwards down the wall. He lands on the ground. The dog climbs down the ladder. Buster runs through a door or hole out into the fields. The dog after him. John, in the street with crutches and jars. He shouts. From behind a lorry arrives and hits him. He falls on the ground. The lorry-driver, without caring, drives off. John, sitting, bandages his leg. A machine that sucks in hay and blows it out on a haystack. Buster arrives and jumps into the hay to hide. A farmer with a large fork, collecting hay. The dog. A heap of hay, with Buster in the middle, is lifted on the machine. A conveyer belt. Buster falls on it and is carried away. The outlet of the machine. The dog. Some clothes are blown out of the outlet, then Buster in underwear. He lands in the haystack. The dog runs to him. Buster and dog shake hands. The girl in front of the haystacks. She dances. A man with a striped shirt (Joe Roberts) arrives. The girl, dancing, kicks him in the face, accidentally. He falls to the floor, the girl is shocked. Buster in underwear and the dog, in front of the haystack, saying good-bye. The girl and Roberts. Buster arrives in underwear. The girl sees him and faints. Roberts catches her, then runs after Buster. Buster runs away, past the haystack, over a field. John arrives, with crutches. Roberts bumps into him. They both fall down. Buster approaching a corn field with a scarecrow in front of it. Roberts gets up, kicks John, and runs after Buster. He approaches the corn field, runs off. As soon as he is away, the scarecrow moves: it is Buster. John, running, then stopping. Buster, taking the scarecrow's position again. Roberts arrives, looks around, then takes a bottle out of the scarecrow's (Buster's) trousers, drinks, puts it back again, then runs off. Buster moves, takes out the bottle, drinks. John and the girl, at the haystack. Buster, taking the scarecrow's position. The girl arrives, then John. He proposes to her, Buster turns, shocked; the girl turns down the proposal. Buster kisses her and 'becomes' scarecrow again. The girl screams and runs away, into a shallow brook. John, Buster as scarecrow, and Roberts. Buster kicks Roberts, becomes scarecrow. Roberts thinks John did it and kicks him. They argue. Buster kicks John and becomes scarecrow. John thinks Roberts did it, they argue. Buster kicks both at the same time, becomes scarecrow again. John and Roberts start fighting. Buster, scarecrow, stumbles and falls down. While he tries to become scarecrow again, John and Roberts spot him. Buster runs into the corn field, John and Roberts after him. In the field. Buster hides. Roberts and John run past him. They approach a scarecrow, hit it and stumble on the ground - but it is a real scarecrow, not Buster. They run into the field again. Buster runs out. He approaches the brook, is frightened to cross it (he thinks it is very deep), finally decides to jump in, head first. As the brook is very shallow, he doesn't plunge into it but walks on his hands and crosses the brook in this way. - John and Roberts bump into each other in front of the field. They fight. - Buster in the forest. He loses a shoe, jumps on one leg, puts the shoe on again. Roberts and John spot him and run after him. They cross the brook. John slides and falls into the water. Buster ties his shoe laces, kneeling. The girl arrives, sees him kneeling before her and thinks that heis proposing to her. She is touched and nods. Buster realizes what happened, doesn't argue. They embrace. But then Buster spots John and Roberts, and he and the girl run away. They approach two horses. The girl climbs the brown one and rides off. Buster climbs the white one and tries to ride off - but his horse doesn't move, as it is stuffed. Buster examines it closely, then runs after the girl. He wants to climb the brown horse as well, climbs a ramp, runs up and jumps - but unfortunately the horse walks away and Buster lands on the ground. Roberts and John arrive at the white horse. Buster climbs the brown horse, behind the girl, and they ride off. The girl and the horse ride into a forest, and Buster falls off. John, Roberts and the owner of the harness shop (who wants to get back the stolen horse) get into a car. They drive off. Buster and the girl approach a motorbike with side-car, the driver working in front of it. They get into it and drive off; the driver is puzzled. They drive around a corner. The pursuer's car. The motor-bike under a bridge. Three people on pavement. One of them a priest. he crosses the road. The motorbike. It bumps into the priest, taking him away. Buster is bewildered: where does the priest come from? He asks him to marry him to the girl. The priest stands up and gets out a bible and reads. Buster and the girl hold their hands (while driving on). The pursuer's car. Buster looks for a ring, finally unscrews a big nut from the motor-bike, 'screws' it on the girl's finger. The pursuer's car, crossing a junction (nearly crashing into two cars). The motor-bike racing along a field path. The priest raises up his hands: 'then I pronounce you'. The motor-bike drives into a river, Buster, girl and priest fall off. They raise out of the water. The priest: 'man and wife'. They are married. Buster and the girl embrace.

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